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Wonderful Wednesday Número 23 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 23 of 2018

Hello hello hello and welcome to Wonderful Wednesday, goodness me HOW has it been a week already?! I knowwwww I always always always say it but why break a habit of a lifetime now?! It's been another pretty crazy week, poor little Arthur bear had to be rushed to the vets yesterday morning with a urinary tract blockage. Luckily we caught it in super fast time and he's already home and on the mend and should be absolutely fine - THANK GOODNESS! In other news, Summer has hit like a great big glowing fire ball, the mosquitoes are doing their thang and I've been eating all the stuffed potatoes - yep, it's still an obsession. Shall we get on with the wonderful before I waffle on for too long?!

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Fur-baby love. 
As you know I absolutely adore my cats, I'd do anything for them and that love always seems like it multiplies a billion times when something isn't quite right. They've all had extra cuddles, extra kisses and, maybe, possibly, extra food - what can I say?! I'm a feeder. I always find they are even more affectionate than normal when we have had a vet visit, I'm sure they are totally aware that I'm only trying to help. 

Brilliant End Of Year Shows.
I'm a foreign language English teacher during the day, and sometimes at night too! I teach English through the art of drama, my students have had their end of year shows this week and they've been absolutely amazing! They go on such a huge roller coaster to learn their lines in English, but it's not just that, they have to learn to act, create a character, know it all off by heart, dance, sing and then pull it off successfully on the day. I'm ever so proud of them and must admit I got rather emotional watching them mesmerise the audience. 

Aloe Vera Drink. 
A few months ago I discovered the delights of aloe vera drinks, they really seem to settle my tummy and I find them ever so refreshing. Have you given them a go? 

Oh how I love coleslaw, I have made a little too much of it this week though and feel as if I may possibly turn into coleslaw. Red cabbage, carrot and apple ha been the flavour of the last few days. Piled high on those stuffed jacket potatoes I mentioned earlier, as a side to Spanish Omelette and even with a Pink Pasta Salad - all the yumminess. ALL.THE.YUMMINESS. 

Raspberry White Tea. 
My lovely friend Karen gave me a box of this Clipper tea for my birthday, it's delightfully light and sweet and every kind of wonderful. You can find it here if you fancy giving it a go. 

Books, Books, Books.
At the weekend I completely and utterly devoured Emma Gannon's new book The Multi-Hyphen Method which Fraser gave me for my birthday, it's everything I could ever want in a book. With some fantastic tips and advice not only for entrepreneurs and freelancers, but pretty much everyone and anyone currently working or looking for work right now. I've popped a short review on my new Books, Books, Books page where I share the books I have read and can't help but rave about and the books I want to read to...well...to rave about them should I enjoy them! 


Cat Themed T-shirts.
My lovely mum and sister got me a variety of cat themed t-shirts for my birthday which make me giggle so much. I adore the "I was normal 3 cats ago" and feel it sums me up completely. 

Lose Yourself In Nature.
I treated myself to a piece of art by the beautiful Lucy and it's sat proudly on display in a frame I have been saving for something special for over a year. Isn't it just B-E-A-uuuuuutiful?! You can check Lucy's online shop out here. I love how she carefully wraps orders and includes little love notes like this one below.


Body Stories.
Speaking of Lucy, I recently wrote a letter to my own body for her new Body Series on her personal blog From Lucy With Love. You can read the post here, where I touch upon what growing up and living with EDS was like, how I spoke to my body during my teens and early twenties and hope I've come to accept, and dare I say, love my body. 

The temperatures have soared to August numbers pretty much over night. On Friday I was wearing a vest, two layers and boots as well as my coat, on Saturday shorts and a strappy top felt like way too much. I paddled in the pool, easing my way in very gently to cool off after mowing the lawn, it was the most refreshing thing ever ever ever.

Chocolate Popcorn Pops.
So, also an obsession for pretty much every one I work with right now, these chocolate popcorn pops are made using actual popcorn. They're gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free. I made them last week for everyone at work and all 50 of them were gone within half an hour! 


That's all of my wonderful for this week so far my loves, I'm sure many more lovely little wonderful moments are on their way. I hope you're having a delightful week. You can find more wonderful posts by the other wonder women in the group here:  SallyJoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamElLaura

Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,
Peta & The Bears - which is supposed to be sung to the song "Bennie & The Jets"

Wonderful Wednesday Número 24 of 2018

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