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Wonderful Wednesday Número 25 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 25 of 2018

Top of the day to you and happy Wonderful Wednesday! I'm writing this at my kitchen table on Wednesday morning having yoga-ed, cat cuddled and consumed alllll the lemon and hot water and I'm feeling every kind of wonderful. I think we'd better just dive right into the wonderful of this week so far! 

*As a side note, I wrote out a quarter of this post and it just suddenly disappeared with no way of getting it back, AHHHHHHHHHHHH*

This crazy Summer heat has me craving anything refreshing and cool. I'm really enjoying smoothies at the moment, particularly as I'm waking up without much of an appetite due to the warm warm WARM mornings. The pink smoothie in the photo is a Berry & Beetroot Smoothie, the recipe is from Nourish By Rebecca, I totally recommend you give it a whirl and check out Rebecca's other recipes too! 

Ooooh I think yoga makes it on this list every single week, along with tea and cats. There is no greater feeling of relief than stepping barefoot onto my mat. It's as if everything else, the whole world and all it's trials and tribulations just melts away. Peace, quiet, fresh air and juice stretches galore and I take in every single moment of it. 

As you probably know, I am a huge podcast fan. I really enjoy tuning in as I clean, potter around the house or when I'm walking to somewhere. This week I discovered Olivia Bossert's You're Not The Boss Of Me, a brilliant interview format podcast where Olivia chats to like-minded business owners - Jen Carrington, Kayte Ferris and Jessica Rose Williams to name but a few. 

Speaking of Jen Carrington, she announced this morning a new series of her podcast Make It Happen. In this series, she reads her book Nobody Is Going To Do Your Business For You (Or Your Life) For You: & Other Stories. All of the chapters are now available on her podcast as of today and I reckon I'll end up binge listening to the lot! 


Market Goodness.
On Sunday I popped up the road to my local food market to stock up on yumminess for the week ahead. It spurred me on to keep a diary of what I eat on a budget. This Summer I'm on a very tight budget for food each week, I asked on the ever wonderful IG Stories if anyone would like me to document it, and so many of you said you'd find it useful.

So I'm a little bit in love with IGTV, of course, I am! I find it more engaging than Youtube, probably because I feel as if I know the people I'm watching having followed them on IG for a long time. Whilst I do subscribe to fellow IG friends on Youtube, the algorithm rarely shows me any of their content. I've been creating some daily vlogs and recipe videos on IGTV, playing around to find my footing as to what kind of content I'd like to bring to the platform. 


Cat Mum Love.
The fur-babies are absolutely boiling at the moment, they're rather restless looking for any cool patches to sleep. I've been stroking them with a cool, damp cloth a few times a day to cool them off and they love it. So, for any cat parents out there, give it a go! I didn't think they'd like it at all, but they all purr and roll over to let me stroke them all over with the cloth. I pop it unde the cold tap to soak it completely, wring it out and then just stroke them with it. 

They've also been racing to be the first to get in front of the fan at bedtime. The fan is at the bottom of my bed, Arthur has won every single night. On a not so nice note, so far this week I have been brought a Lizard, a bird and a mouse. The mouse squeaked as Arthur brought it in, he got scared and dropped it. Both Arthur and the mouse scurried off and hid. I think Arth thought it was a toy and then realised that nope, this was an actual living mouse which petrified him - honestly that cat is not cut out to be a cat.

I spent hours trying to catch the mouse on Monday evening but lost him. I named him Malcolm and wished him the very best for the night ahead. At 6AM I was woken up by very high pitched squeaking, Albert had him cornered. I managed to catch him in my hands and released him back into the wild (the hedge at the end of the garden), whilst saying "Be freeee little dude, be freeee."


Recipes Recipes Recipes.
As I'm putting together this food on a budget diary, I thought it would be nice if you had the recipes to follow along should you fancy them, so I've been photographing them and popping them up on the blog as and when. All of my recipes are gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free with the majority being meat free and usually egg free too. I really want to motivate others to experiment in the kitchen, so don't worry about sticking to the recipe exactly, have fun, throw together whatever you have in your fridge and cross those fingers, I bet it'll taste every kind of wonderful! 

The Power Of Now. 
I'm very into mindfulness and my beautiful friend Rosalyn sent me The Power Of Now* to read. It's amazing and is really helping me to be present in my day to day life. It's a book that I'm making notes in and out of and one I'm sure I'll keep going back to time and time again. I'll be updating my Books Books Books page soon with a full low down of my thoughts and some more books I've added to my want list.

Letters From Peta
After a little break from my newsletters due to the whole GDPR thingymajig, it was so lovely to send a chatty letter out on Sunday evening and oh my goodness I was so touched by the response. My mailing list is considerably smaller now after requiring subscribers to re-subscribe and it's really changed how I approach communicating in them. It feels more intimate, closer and more personal, which means I let down my guard and just write completely and utterly from the heart.

That's it for now my loves, I hope you've really enjoyed reading this Wonderful Wednesday post and that it's popped a big old wonderful smile on your face. Tom Odell's version of True Colours has just started playing on Spotify and it's every kind of wonderful, go listen now! 

There are a few other wonderful souls tiptapping away each week and totting up the happy moments of the week so far, you can find them here: SallyJoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's 

Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,
Peta & The Bears x

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