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Wonderful Wednesday | 25th October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday | 25th October 2016


Yay it's Wednesday! I'm writing this on a rather rainy Tuesday, I wonder if the rain will have taken it's little self off to far off lands by the time you read this? By the looks of the sky it's pretty debatable right now. Anyway, on with the wonderful! This weekly post always makes me feel sparks of joy and happiness mid week which can only be a very good thing!

  1. Clementines (of course the first thing on this list was going to be food related)

    Oh they're just so delicious and they kick off that festive feeling as soon as I peel one. I'm quite particular about clementines, they have to be full of sweet deliciousness and perfect ripeness, and for some reason this year they're already at that point. Hip Hip Hoooooray! clementine

  2. Curry

    I know, it's another foodie thing. I can't help myself, I really can't. Who's betting on their being a wee mention of tea later on the post? I made a huge batch of curry in my slow cooker this morning, threw in random ingredients from my fridge, popped it on medium and left it to bubble away arriving home at lunch time to the smell of cooked dinner was THE BEST. I've had a very persistent cold for weeks and weeks now and I know that the curry is definitely helping with that!

  3. Succulents

    What is it about succulents that is just so pleasing to the eye? I think it's their symmetrical wizardry myself however please feel free to debate in the comments below!


  4. Duvet mornings

    As you have probably guessed I'm not one for taking any time to relax or chill. I'm always here there and everywhere doing as much as I can but on Sunday I made myself take the morning to just chill. I lazed in bed under the duvet, cuddling cats, catching up on youtube and getting up every now and then for tea refills. Perfect. (Surprise surprise tea made it into this post)

  5. The Donkey Noise

    With one of my younger classes I'm currently teaching farm yard animals. One of the little girls can do THE CUTEST impression of a monkey. She scrunches her little nose up, closes her eyes and says eeyore in the most adorable way.

  6. Getting my zen on

    I've gotten back into going to a yoga class twice a week after work and oh my goodness, it is every kind of wonderful. The tingling post yoga buzz after a class is pretty much the one.

  7. Snails

    Living in Spain, in all honesty, I rarely see snails come out of their little snail shell homes but when it rains they seem to pop up everywhere. It takes me right back to when I was little living in Cornwall. My sister and I used to have a "snail farm", yup we kept snails as pets. By kept I mean we placed them in a box, took them on trips around the garden, even put them on the swings for rides, played very gently with them for hours, popped them to bed in their box only to find the next day, (shock horror) that they had all escaped. We'd have to start our snail hunt all over again.

    Oh those were the days when the most important thing on your mind was finding where on earth Steven the Snail had taken himself off to, hoping that Sandra the Snail would please just stay put for once.


  8. Mixing up the old routine

    I decided to mix my routine up a little this week, swapping gym and yoga classes to after work instead of silly o clock in the morning and blogging before my work day starts. The change in my day is certainly keeping me on my toes and is definitely the kick up the bum I so very much needed.

  9. Christmas fun

    Oh how I love Christmas, it's only two months away now you know. 61 days... #JustSaying I'm bursting with festive ideas that I desperately want to tell everyone and anyone about but I'm keeping quiet, no one likes spoiling Christmas now do they?

  10. Berries in the garden

    There's something so wonderfully Autumnal and festive about happening upon berries, be it on a country lane walk or in your very own garden. They're just a little bit of magic to brighten your day.


I hope you've had a wonderful week so far, I'd love to hear about what's put a smile on your face this week. To top up your dose of Wonderful Wednesday please do pop over to the other ladies' blogs here: Sally, MichelleKate, Helen, JoCatEmma, Sam,LauraKerri , Sarah,Mimmi ,Sarah and Jasmin




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