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Wonderful Wednesday 27 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday 27 | 2017


Hello my loves, Happy Wonderful Wednesday. Goodness me the time seems to be absolutely flying by at the moment. I got back from the UK last night and had allll the cat cuddles. I've been playing with my camera so much in the past week, so this post is absolutely jam packed with photographs. I'm really enjoying getting to know it. Being able to capture the shots I see in my head both as a photograph and as a video is such an amazing feeling. I could never quite reach that level with my iPhone and other cameras, no matter how much I edited. I've also found that I'm barely editing the photos at all, preferring the raw image that I've worked to create manually. So less filters and more real life is what's on the cards at the moment. Not that I think filters are a bad thing at all, I've really enjoyed using them in the past, but I'm in that state of mind at the moment where I want pure reality. We try so hard to make something look asthetically pleasing with filters that we loose the original beauty of it. Sometimes we just need to take a moment to look for the beauty in the first place before changing anything.

Anyway, I shall stop with the rambling and get on with this week's wonderful gratitude list...

.: Smiling. Whenever I'm near to Fraser, I catch myself quietly smiling. One of those smiles that instantly reaches your eyes. He makes my heart and soul happy, which is something I am grateful for every single day.

.: Tommy. On Thursday I popped up to my Nan and Grandad's, where this little bundle of trouble met me at the gate. He is absolutely adorable, but rather naughty sometimes!! That little face looks like butter wouldn't melt, but oh my goodness can butter melt. As well as causing a full on melt down for everyone around him!

.: Billy. I also popped over to see my Grandad on Thursday and played with this little rascal. My Nan passed away last year and since then we have become very close. He is actually my step Grandfather but you would never guess so. We went out for lunch and seeing the joy it brought him to take me out as he told the waiter proudly that I'm his Grandaughter really warmed my heart.

.: My best friend.  On Friday I spent the day with my best friend Laura. We went to the supermarket to stock up on snacks and tea, then proceeded to spend the whole day on the sofa watching an old TV series called Teachers. It stars a young James Corden and is pretty fabulous. The characters are in their late twenties, and definitely don't have everything together, which makes you feel a whole lot better about life!! We had sweet jacket potato with tuna and sweet corn for lunch and I devoured a box of berries.

.: Cats Cats Cats. By the time Friday came around, I had been in the UK for nearly a week without any contact with cats. So I was over the moon to cuddle and squish Laura's furbabies.

.: A walk in the woods. On Saturday we went for a walk in the woods with Fray's brother and girlfriend as well as Molly the most loveliest chocolate brown labrador ever. We had a lot of fun as I was filming a Spanglish Vlog episode and teaching them a little Spanish as we walked around.


.: Mr Bumble Bee. On Sunday we went for breakfast at a place on the beach and I spotted this little bumble bee stuck in the stream next to the beach. I got him out and he was very still, so I gave him a little sugar mixed with water, he was soon up and bumbling around again.
.: Tapas Feast. We cooked a tapas feast on Sunday night for Fraser's family which went down an absolute treat!
.:Washing Up. This week I've realised how much I like washing up. Fraser is all about the dishwasher and I hadn't washed dishes in quite a few days until Sunday. It made me so aware of the quiet time when I wash up that I have to myself. The feel of warm soapy water on my hands and being able to wander off into my own thoughts and dreams for a little while. What ordinary every day job do you find therapeutic?
.: Chickens. Next door's chicken was having a little wander around the garden on Monday and it made me want chickens so much! We used to have chickens when I was little and I'd love to have some again... although I'm not sure about how well they'd get on with the cats?!
.: Clouds. Flying home yesterday we passed the most beautiful fluffy clouds ever. I spotted this cloud wall which I think is epic, how much nicer would the world be if walls were made of clouds?!
 .: My Babies. Arriving home to all the cuddles from four little ones who had missed me so much they were eating less than half of their usual food made my heart nearly burst! Arthur hasn't left my side and they all keep running up and meowing at me. There's nothing quite like coming home to furbabies.
Phew! You've made it to the end of this rather long wonderful wednesday! If you'd like to read a few more happy lists pleaser check out the other WWers: Sally TangleJoMichelleKateSamEl ,  and Emma.
Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week,
Peta x
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