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Wonderful Wednesday 27 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 27 of 2018

Gooooood morning and happy Wonderful Wednesday! I'm on holiday for two weeks, a staycation if you will ;), so it doesn't feel like a Wednesday, it doesn't particularly feel like any day at all, I am basking in the un-feelingness of days! Anywho, that hasn't stopped me popping on here to document the loveliness of the week so far. It always fills me with so much joy and gratitude, how could I not write up a little wonderful Wednesday post. Let's hop, skip and a jump right into it, shall we?

Fraser is here for two whole weeks, so we decided I'd take two weeks off from blogging, content creation and the like. We haven't had this much time together, with both of us off work since we first got together. We've spent our time chatting away about the ins and outs of life - who knew conversations could get quite so deep when you have nothing else you feel you HAVE to do, we've sunbathed, albeit only for short periods of time, cat cuddled and lay around a lot...anywhere really, the sofa, the floor, across garden chairs...

Ohhh I made the most delightful berry smoothie yesterday, it was every kind of wonderful. Fraser made me a chocolate smoothie this morning which was...interesting. I don't think mango and chocolate go together in this case...


Nacho nacho woman, I want to be a nacho woman.
I may or may not have eaten that many nachos in the past 24 hours I could possibly be made up of mainly nachos. Aren't they every kind of wonderful?! Homemade guacamole and a saucy salsa, piled on top of crispy corn triangles, yes yes yessss. 

Leaf Lane Studio Commissions.
Lucy has opened up her bespoke services, I recently ordered a very unique greeting card for our anniversary from Lucy. It was beautiful and looked exactly as I had envisioned it. Lucy is so talented and I'm so bloomin' lucky to call her my friend! 

The Set Up.
We watched The Set Up on Netflix the other night and it's brilliant, my exact kind of rom-com. Funny, and awkward and lovely. It made me laugh out loud and shed a little emotional tear. 

Free From Gluten Magazine.
I'm in Free From Gluten's June Issue - yay! How has it taken me so long to find out?! We can't get the magazine here, so Fraser saves them and brings them out in bulk for me. I always get ever so excited to see my recipes in a printed magazine! 


The Un-Boring Salad Guide.
On Sunday night I published The Un-Boring Salad Guide, it's an 8 page downloadable PDF which will hopefully boost your excitement about making yummy, filling salads. It took me over twenty hours to create, I always underestimate how long these things take to make. It's not a dieting, calorie counting guide, it's all about creating salad bowls full of variety of the food that makes YOU feel good. 

Football Fun.
We went into town to watch the World Cup match between France and Belgium last night, I'm really excited about tonight's England match, we'll be popping over to my parents' house to watch it. 

That's all of my wonderful so far this week, I hope you're having a delightful week, please do let me know in the comments below what's making you smile today. You can check out the other amazing wonderful Wednesday bloggers here, for more wonderfulness: SallyJoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamElKerri's, and Ellie's

Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,

Peta & The Bears xx


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