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Wonderful Wednesday 28 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday 28 | 2017

Hello my loves and happy Wednesday. I'm trying to stay focussed and think about the happy things more so than ever today as my little (really not so little) Arthur Cat is currently recovering after surgery at the vets. He's doing  a little better today, and everything is moving in the right direction, so I'm hoping he will be home by tomorrow!

I may have called the vets this morning and said the words "Hello, It's Arthurs Mum..." probs should have said Arthur's owner but that just sounds strange. It's the crazy cat lady in me I'm sure. The huge positive is that he's heading in the right direction, and I caught it just in time so there doesn't seem to be all too much long term damage. Phew! Who said being a cat mum is easy?! Because it really isn't. I am constantly worried about the furbabies, I can not even begin to imagine what having human babies is like!

Let's take a look at this week's wonderful, I am determined to stay positive and upbeat. I always end up going through my camera roll for these posts in order to remember what I've been up to.

.: Raw, honest, perfectly imperfect, authentic life. - I've found myself constantly in search of real life online. Instead of the staged, pinterest perfect shots I want the real life, unedited, unfiltered version. Don't get me wrong, I think filters are fab and was addicted to using them in the past. I guess I'm just not feeling it anymore. I don't think anything is wrong with people editing or filtering pics, but I crave the raw honesty of life with it's bumps, creases, marks and texture. I'm currently only sharing unedited photos myself and there's something very liberating about it. If you have any recommendations of anyone to follow who shares this kind of content, please do comment below.


.: Back to basics. I've very recently realised (by recently I mean last night) that I've been letting things slide when it comes to my food. I've been feeling a little under the weather for the past month or so - a virus here, a cyst under the eyelid there and that feeling or not being quite 100%. I'm absolutely fine in myself, but I've been questioning why.

I think it may have something to do with the fact that I've let things slide. I stopped making my own plant based milks - oat milk and almond milk, opting for the easier supermarket cartons. Gone are the days where I would soak pulses over night, I've fallen into the trap of buying jars of pre-soaked lentils, beans and chickpeas. I've become lazier with my cooking - quick and easy has become my mantra.

For the normal person, non of this would matter - they're still following a really healthy diet. However, I'm not normal and my body does not like convenience. It's never reacted well to preservatives and anything that isn't 100% natural - it can take a little at a time but when there's a build up it falls to pieces. I gave myself an inch, and ran a mile. Before I'd shop at 6 or 7 different local shops to buy my food, it would be cheaper, organic and so much better for me but ohhhh the ease of getting everything in the supermarket lured me in. So it's back to basics for me, and soaking the oats last night to make oat milk really did make me feel good. (I'm that person.)

.: Light. I've become obsessed with capturing light in photos, especially among leaves and flowers. I love scrolling through the light inspired hashtags on instagram too such as follow_this_light , mystoryoflight and lightinspired

.: Recipe Shares. A few people have tried out my recipes this week and documented it on Instagram stories and through their IG grid and it's made me so bloody happy hearing that they love them. It's one thing me making the food but a whole different story when someone else is following the steps.

.: Tea. I have drank far far far too much tea over the past twenty four hours and I'm really not sorry about it because it makes everything better.

.: A Posh Picnic. On Saturday I joined my friends on an adventure to a peach market and then on to the woods where we had a very posh picnic. There were actual wine glasses. Oh yes people. It was originally planned in order to take photo's for my friend's tour company however we had the best time enjoying good food, laughing and chatting and just spending a little time in nature. I'll be popping a blog post up about it tomorrow.

.: Online Friend Love. I've been so blown away by all of the messages and comments I've received about Arthur. I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful, caring group of kindred spirits to call my friends online. Thank you for your support and love.

.: Offline Friends & Family Love. The same goes to the lovely souls I get to call my offline friends and family. I'm feeling very loved at the moment.

.: Garden Food. I had a little wander around the garden on Monday and found the apple tree absolutely bowing under the weight of apples, so I picked a crate load and am still decided on what to do with them... ideas welcome!

.: Good News. As I was finishing this post I had a call from the vets. I can pick Arthur up this evening at 8 o'clock. I'm so over the moon and happy, here's to many cat cuddles this evening and lots of love. His brother and sisters have missed him so much!

I created a little Wonderful Wednesday video to go with this post, as well as chatting about the happy things of the past week I also recommend some of my favourite smaller Youtubers. I hope you like it! It's lovely feeling like I'm actually chatting to you.

I hope you have a really wonderful rest of the week, for more loveliness please check out these gals: Sally TangleJoMichelleKateSamEl ,  and Emma.


Peta x



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