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Wonderful Wednesday 29 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday 29 | 2017


Hello my loves and happy Wednesday. I hope you're having the loveliest of days, and if not I hope this little post of gratitude pops a smile on your face. Before we continue, it is of upmost important that a mug of tea, or your favourite hot drink, is placed firmly in your hand. If you're ready, let's begin.

The past week has been a funny old week, full of highs and lows, barely any sleep and so very much worry. I think a lack of sleep always makes things seem so much worse. We become even more sensitive and quick to react. I slept a little better last night, and I must say the clouds have parted in my mind today and I'm feeling much better. I became very anxious this week, you can read more about that here. 

Let's get on with the blimmin' wonderful of this week shall we?

.: Arthur Bear. Oh he is home, and really truly so so so much better. I'm going to write a few blog posts up in regards to the joys of administering medication to cats (spoiler; there are absolute no joys involved) as well as a post about the illness he has as it could definitely help a few cat parents out there. He is now allowed outside, but hasn't strayed far. Today he has spent his day running in every 10 minutes to check what I'm up to, rubbing up against my legs and letting me know he's okay and then running back outside where he sits in front of my office window, because you know, I could easily be up to something which requires his upmost involvement.

Whilst he was hospitalised the other cats pretty much stopped eating, they were very upset about the whole thing and I must admit that when I brought him home, seeing them cuddle up to him made me tear up. Him and Albert (the cat that is absolutely not a house cat, no way, not at all) have accompanied me on my morning jobs this morning. By accompanied I mean followed and surveyed exactly what I'm doing. They came to the toilet with me, watched me, empty all of the cat water bowls one by one into the plant pots outside and refill. They also watched me empty the litter tray and do the washing up. It's lovely when one does it, but when two wide eyed ginger cats watch your every move, you start to feel a lil bit judged.

.: Atypical. I found this TV series on Netflix on Sunday, there are eight episodes and I have already watched all eight. It's a really well made series about an 18 year old who has autism and his family. It follows the trials and tribulations he faces in going to highschool, navigating social situations and starting romantic relationships. I giggled at so many scenes and cried at others.

.: Chocolate Brownie. On Sunday I made this plant based chocolate brownie, and oh my goodness it is so yummy. The recipe uses figs to sweeten, and the oats create more of a brownie consistency I've found.

Plant Based Dairy Free Brownie by pe-ta.com

.: Yesterday there was the loveliest breeze rippling through the trees, I do love listening to the leaves rustles and feel a cool breeze on my skin.

.: Fruit Collection. I've been fruit picking again in the garden, figs and apples are in season with plums just around the corner. I'm thinking lots of crumbles and jams are in order.

.: A makeshift cat toy. To keep Arthur entertained whilst he couldn't go outside I made a cat toy from a cardboard box. I cut holes in the top and placed toys, catnip and little cat treats inside. He loves playing with it, as does Albert!

.: One little Peta went to market. I popped into town yesterday and to the food market. It's always full of so much hustle and bustle, along with gorgeous colours and the smell of fresh produce. I love seeing imperfectly shaped fruit and veg, it makes them perfectly imperfect to me.

.: Friends Online. I say it every week now, but the friendships I have made online - especially on Instagram, just warm my heart. The direct messages, constant love and support is like no other. I'm very proud to call such beautiful souls my friends.

.: Food Photography. As you know, I post a lot of recipes on this blog. It's my way of sharing dairy free and refined sugar free meals and snacks with others who have similar dietry restrictions to me. I submit the recipes to food websites, and they always used to be declined due to my poor photography. So when I got my new camera, I set about learning the tricks of the trade and I'm over the moon to say that my last few recipes have been accepted! Eeeee!!!

.: Fraser. I couln't write this post without including my very best friend and other half. He has had to deal with so many emotions from me this week, lots of crying about not being able to give Arthur his medication and general worry about the sorry state the world is in at the moment. He takes it all in, reassures me that everything really is going to be okay and makes it all better. He listens to me natter on and on and on and plays question time with me on the phone even when all he wants to do is sleep. I'm sure many don't want to read my soppy words, but I'm definitely a person that celebrates and adores her partner rather than complains about him.

.: Catitude. When I sat down to record the voice over for a video I created yesterday a certain someone ran into the room, all guns blazing. She proceeded to meow, scartch, jump on the desk, walk over the keyboard, jump on my shoulders and make as much noise as possible. She only ever does this when I'm recording a voice over. She's very very intelligent, so when I said "Katie, that is enough." She got the hump and proceeded to stare at me like this for 15 minutes.


.: Q&A. The lovely Lucy off of From Lucy With Love interviewed me a few weeks back and it's up on her blog now, eeeee! How exciting, you can read the interview here.

Last week in my Wonderful Wednesday video I recommended a few Small Youtubers to follow. This week I thought I'd recommend some of my favourite Instagram accounts, that aren't the same people that I recommended last week. If not I'd just be repeating myself about how bloody wonderful they are!!


A beautiful beautiful beautiful account full of stunning views and gorgeous dogs.


A home renovation and lifestyle account with gorgeous photos of a beautiful home. What I love about Kim's photos and home is that it isn't completely inaccessable to the likes of me who knows nothing about home decor! Kim explains it all in an easy to understand manner and makes you feel confident about making changes to your own home.


Jane has such a gorgeous cat and a beautiful daughter. Her instagram is full of heart warming scenes taken in Portugal.


Em is such an inspiration, she is a very strong and brave person. I love her instagram and how warm and lovely she always is. Plus she had two gorheous pooches!!


Wonderful Wednesday Video:


Phew! That brings us to the end of today's Wonderful Wednesday. If you'd like to read a few more happy posts, please do pop over to the other WW ladies who spread joy and happiness on a weekly basis too! Sally TangleJoMichelleKate, LynseySamEl , Cat  and Emma.


Peta x

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