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Wonderful Wednesday 3 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 3 of 2019


hello hello and good day to you! I’m in a rather chirpy mood after a long day, I think it’s definitely a tea and chocolate fuelled chirpy mood if I’m honest. I’m absolutely exhausted but in a good way. I’ve just been thinking about how little I use twitter now and how actually it really hasn’t been missed! I've used to adore twitter five or six years ago, but I’ve really felt like I don’t belong to any kind of community on there, where as I very much feel a part of something on the ol’ ‘gram. Anyway, I shall quit waffling on and tell you all about the wonderful this week.

Indian Food.
On a whim Cat Dad asked if I fancied going to a vegan indian restaurant close by in Sitges, it’s called Spice Garden and I lept at the chance! The food was absolutely delicious, I haven’t had Indian in at least ten years and oh my goodness was it worth the wait. It was really really really nice being able to pretty much pick anything off the menu, due to allergies I’m usually limited to one or two dishes. I opt for what I can eat rather than what I fancy eating, which really isn’t very intuitive - it speaks volumes as to why I’m never over keen on eating out. Spice Garden was absolutely scrumptious though and I’m sure we’ll be going back very soon, it did feel rather odd staring at the menu and pondering what dish I’d enjoy the most!

What a tv show! It’s a Spanish one on Netflix and I’m really enjoying it, think Spanish Gossip Girl meets How To Get Away With Murder but in an international school.

Relatable Posts.
The wonderful Inpo Life posted this image on instagram with a caption regarding her mind going 100 mph in every direction and feeling out of control. I found it to be such a relatable post and it really made me think about how so many people have minds that do this, it’s not just mine. The night after reading this I couldn’t sleep, my mind was rushing, panicking, delving deep into my past, flying head first into every possible future. When I realised what my mind was doing, I thought of Vickie and instantly had a little more compassion for myself. We all get these thoughts, some of us more than others, and that’s ok.


New Job For Cat Dad.
Cat Dad started his new job on Monday, it’s still very strange getting used to having him here but we’re getting there slowly but surely! It’s a new routine but I’m sure we’ll both soon get used to the changes.

New Blanket.
In other Cat Dad news, he’s spent the past month obsessed about getting a blanket for the bed. I won’t lie, I didn’t see the point. The duvet is wonderfully warm and fluffy and why do we need another thing on the bed? Well, I was totally wrong. It is the softest, nont too heavy, not too light, wonderfully warming, cosy blanket I’ve ever had wrapped around me at night and I can’t do life without it any more.


Egyptian Centre.
Last week I unexpectedly went on a school trip to the Egyptian Centre which is about an hour away up in the mountains. It was very very cool, the children got to dig and escavate mummys and copies of artifacts, we were even able to explore replica tombs which they adored. It was a lot of fun and really gave the children a better understanding of everything Egyptian.

Forest School.
I went on another unexpected trip a few days ago! A forest school trip with year one and goodness me it was adorable. We had the best time and I’m very excited to be going on these trips with them regularly for this term. Exploring the woods, looking out for creatures and spotting sticks, leaves and certain trees was the best way to end the week.

Early Night.
It is now 21:30 as I type this on Wednesday night due to the internet dying last night and I am off to bed because goodness, gracious me I need all the sleep tonight. Is anyone else feeling like this week is dragging an insane amount?! I hope the rest of your week is filled with tea and sunshine and lots of cuddles, hopefully cat cuddles.

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