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Wonderful Wednesday 31 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 31 of 2018

Hello hello hello and happy Wonderful Wednesday to YOU! I hope you're having a delightful day whatever day you're having a little read of this. I'm so full of beans this morning as we've just had a mini storm, more on that right now. With a slide, skip, hop and a jump, as well as a little Taylor Swift shake it off, I think we'd better get on with the wonderful! 

Mini Storm.
As I tip tap away on this Wednesday morning, the skies are rumbling with heavy thunder. We have just had half an hour of very very very much needed rain and the temperature has dropped just below 30'c for the first time in weeks. I can't tell you how much of a change it has made. I feel like an actual human again, able to do things, able to think and not feel like a sweaty, sticky, lost mess 24/7! I know that it may sound strange, I'm not often shouting about my love for the rain as it usually means sore joints for me, but goodness gracious do we need it. Yesterday we hit 48'c with 90% humidity, now that it just as bad if not worse for my joints. It is such a relief to have a little movement of some cooler air. We are forecast a huge storm tomorrow which, according to the nice weather man on the telly, if it arrives will break this horrendous heat wave. Come on storm, I am ready for you!! 

Lovely e-mails & messages. 
If you follow me on instagram or you're part of the Feel Good Foodspiration Tribe (my Thursday newsletter - you can sign up in the footer of this page), you'll know that I've been chatting a lot lately about how I found the food that makes me feel good and not just sharing the food itself, which I've been doing for years now! I've been sharing my thoughts, things I have learnt and tips and tricks. Yesterday morning I wasn't going to share that I had had a terrible morning, full of pain and a bad mood. It took me hours to get out of a really grumpy funk by doing the things that make me feel good: gentle stretching, slow swimming, journaling, a yummy breakfast, meditation and reading. I wasn't going to share it as I didn't think it was useful, then I realised that if I wake up hurting and feeling awful, others do too. If it only inspires one person to take care of themselves in this situation then surely it's worth it. So I shared it and oh my goodness, what a beautiful response. I was overwhelmed by the wonderful messages of love and gratitude. Lovely souls sharing their own stories and what they like to do to feel like their best self again. Thank You messages of "I don't feel so alone in this anymore." It just goes to show that sharing something that to us is pretty mundane, which feels like it doesn't matter at all, really can matter.

Cold Showers.
Every shower I have now is with the tap on the coldest setting it can go. I find it so refreshing and relieving from this sticky heat although I do wonder if it's beneficial for my joints. Priorities though, escaping the heat is totally worth it. 


Fish Dinner.
Last night for dinner I had a hasselback baked potato sprinkled with cornish sea salt and a drizzle of olive oil, the potato skin was crispy and crunchy whilst the potato inside was so soft and fluffy. I teamed it with minty peas and oven baked fish in a tamari and honey sauce. It was such a satisfying dinner and exactly what I needed. I made the recipe for the lovely Ingrid's blog That Scandinavian Feeling, the post should be going live soon.


Katie Cat.
Whilst I know not strictly related to this week, the instagram hashtag project at the weekend was Best Friends. So, I politely asked my best friend if she fancied taking a photo for it. Turns out she really wasn't feeling it on Saturday. I've included our attempts below. She was quite happy to gently crawl up onto my chest as I lay watching the sun rise on Sunday morning though!


By far my favourite meal of the day, is there any food better than breakfast food? I've been enjoying either a tnagy but sweet nectarine, orange and pineapple smoothie this week topped with nuts and mixed seeds or these yummy honey balls with rice milk which are Peta Friendly. Sometimes, I've even enjoyed both when woken up particularly early and feeling the late morning munchies take hold.


Podcast Listening.
When Fraser isn't here I fall into the habit of listening to podcasts as I go to sleep. Usually something regarding personal or spiritual growth as it tends to just be absorbed rather than motivating me to jump up and start working on a project. I find that my mind doesn't race or wander as I lie there, I just listen and take it all in gradually falling asleep. This week I've been listening to Ram Dass Here and Now. Ram Dass was an incredibly successful university professor specialising in clinical psychology teaching at Standford, Harvard, Yale and the University of California.  He went on to study the effects of psychedelics and followed an incredibly powerful journey. Throughout his life he has taught what he has learned along the way. His theories on how the mind works are fascinating. If you like Eckhard Tolle or Abraham Hicks, you will definitely love Ram Dass. 

Cornwall Visits.
I'm off to Cornwall in two weeks time and I'm getting rather excited about it! I haven't been back for a good few months so I can't wait to see my family and friends. I am expecting copious amounts of tea and plenty of cat and dog cuddles of course. 

Food Mentoring. 
On Monday I had a food mentoring call which left me feeling like I am totally doing the right thing. Being able to take the first steps in guiding someone to eat the foods that make them feel good and create a loving, happy relationship with food and theirself really fills me up. It's something I've been doing for quite a few years offline with friends and family. Having the courage to bring it into my online world was difficult but it's already so worth it. You can find out more about working with me here.

Letters From Peta.
Every other Sunday I send out a letter from Peta, usually nothing to do with food at all and everything to do with personal things I'm going through. I write the letters to a particular friend and pour my heart out. When I finish I often wonder if anyone will find them useful but this week's letter garnered quite a lot of attention, so thank you so much to those of you who reached out and replied. It's wonderful to connect and speak to you.

I'm wrapping it up now loves because I could sit here chatting to you about the wonderful all bloomin' day long! I hope you're having a lovely day, I'd love to hear about the happy moments of your week so far. If you're in the mood for a spot more wonderful, take a look at these fabulous ladies also writing about their wonderful each week here: : Sally,  JoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's

Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,
Peta & The Bears.

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