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Wonderful Wednesday #32 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #32 | 2017


Hello my lovelies and happy Wednesday. I'm sat writing this on Wednesday lunchtime hoping I've got enough time to squeeze it in before heading back to work again! Let's crack on with all of the wonderful shall we? .: A long weekend. Fraser visited at the weekend with Abbie, his brother's girlfriend who is just every kind of wonderful. We had such a chilled weekend, I didn't go on social media once and laughed ever so much. It was also a bank holiday here in Spain so I had Monday off work too! YAY!

.: Julia Roberts. During our very chilled weekend we watched three Julia Roberts films: Pretty Woman, Eat Pray Love Notting Hill and My Best Friend's Wedding. It was so so so so good to watch films I adore and introduce them to lovely people who had never seen them.

"I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." Ooooooooh allllll the emotions!!

.: Saturday Night. After dozing on and off during the afternoon film session - It was raining which meant absolutely no guilt was involved! I don't know why but I always feel guilty for staying indoors if it's beautiful weather outside. We ventured into town for a little dance. Abbie and I threw our best moves on the dance floor including Big Fish Little Fish, The Lawn Mower, The Shopping Trolly and The Sprinkler. I'm not quite sure why Fraser and our friend Dani chose to ignore us with such powerful moves?!

.: A Slow Sunday. I seem to be paying for any kind of big energy use at the moment, even though I'm still not drinking alcohol, so we took Sunday a little slower and nibbled on yummy snacks venturing on a little adventure later on in the afternoon.

.: The Buddhist Monestary. There's a buddhist monestary about 45 minutes into the mountains from my house, it takes a while to get there due to the bumpy, windy roads but it's so peaceful and beautiful once you finally reach it. A lovely way to spend a Sunday Afternoon.

.: Acupuncture.  I went to acupuncture again yesterday, and it's helping my joints ever so much as well as making me feel not quite so much of an emotional mess... which is always a good thing.

.: Slow Living. After spending years and years going at full speed, giving 110% in everything I do and never, ever slowing down to just do nothing.In fact I wrote Monday's newsletter all about doing nothing.  I've finally taken the hint. From the recent flare up of painful joints, nausea, migraines and total exhaustion, it's hit home that I can do everything, but not everything right now. There won't be quite as many blog posts, instagram photos or videos as before. There won't be any scheduled tweets really, but there will be a content, slow living cat lady on the other side of this screen.

.: Gentle Yoga. Due to the recent flare up, exercise has pretty much been out of the question but restorative, gentle yummy yoga has been on the cards most mornings and it's something that really feeds my soul and makes me feel awesome.

.: Monday Morning. On Monday we popped to Sitges for brunch, had smoothies and yummy hummus as well as a wander along the sea front. Oh that sea air does wonders for the soul.

.: Pencils For Time Optimists. My lovely friend Maribel gave me a little gift wrapped package yesterday. The note on top read "To the most optimistic and happy with a twist person I know. What better what to start September than with optimistic stationary? M xxx P.S I've got matching ones. :)" I am definitely a time optimisit, forever squeezing in just another thing and the fact that my friend has matching pencils only makes these gorgeous pastel coloured tools of wonderment even more wonderful!

That's all of the wonderful I have so far this week, please fly over to the other wonder women to check out their posts! Sally TangleJoMichelleKateLynseySamEl Cat  and Emma ‘s 

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