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Wonderful Wednesday 32 Of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 32 Of 2018

Good Morning my loves, happy Wednesday. I am tapping away on my phone for this week’s post as my WiFi seems to be having a bit of a rest day.🤔 Not ideal, but hey ho! We shall soldier on! Shall we get on with the wonderful? 💕

*Wasn't I sounding all optimistic then?! It is now 8 hours later, my phone gave up and my wifi continued to be off and do you know what? I am so bloody glad it did!

Instead of getting myself in a pickle about it all, I decided it just wasn't meant to be. I popped my to-do list in a different room and thought about what I could do offline. Baking and cleaning sounded like exactly what I needed and goodness me, a day of baking, podcast listening and cleaning has done me the world of good. 

I even got around to writing up my core values for Pe-ta and the kind of valuable, useful content I'd like to offer into this beautiful community I am apart of. Everything happens for a reason, on this occasion the reason showed itself rather promptly! I'm not feeling all kinds of excited about the work that I do and the ways in which I can help and guide other souls.*

Let's get on with the wonderful shall we?


Cooler Temperatures (slightly. 
We have had three nights of bloomin’ horrendous storms. My living room has full on flooded and Catopia (the cats jungle gym) is currently drying out, but goodness me it’s wonderful to get below 30’c in the mornings. We’re still hitting highs in the late forties but it’s a lot easier to deal with when the mornings are slightly cooler. Arthur is loving being able to sleep in his big bed again rather than lying on the floor to try and cool down too, it's so lovely to see them all snuggled up and safe. 

Quiet Early Mornings.
My most favourite time of day when the birds are quietly waking up but the world is yet to follow. I spend my very early mornings reading, drinking tea and journaling - it makes all the difference to how my day goes.  

Little Celebrations. 
I achieved something pretty huge for me this week, yesterday in fact. I will share what it is very very soon but I don’t want to jinx it! I had a little celebration dance and found myself saying to Fraser “I’m actually really bloody proud of myself” we need more of these moments, where we take the time to be proud of ourselves in for our achievements rather than rushing off to achieve the next thing.


Baking soothes my soul, I get so much happiness out of creating something incredibly yummy and satisying with my little hands and a podcast on in the background. Today I made these ginger and cinnamon biscuits for That Scandinavian Feeling blog, the recipe should be on there in a few weeks time. 

Cold Weather Feels.
Baking today reminded me of the cooler weather, knowing that Autumn and Winter are just around the corner fills me with complete joy. There is nothing quite like wrapping up warm, snuggled in blankets and hot water bottles. I was made for cold weather I think! 


I've changed my meditation up quite a bit over the past month or so and I adore this way of taking time just for me. Instead of guided meditations I just set a little timer going, I have the app "Insight" which has a timer that ends with a gentle bell ringing and it is all kinds of wonderful. I sit down and take a few really deep breaths. I then scan my body for any unusual or uncomfortable feelings, breathing into those places. Then I imagine myself lying somewhere really comfortable, warm and safe and just watching. Watching the sky as my thoughts come in and out. When I notice I get lost in a thought or story, I observe what it was about - the future, the past, what others think of me etc. I note it and then let it go returning to my breath and that happy, safe place. This is working wonders for me at the moment. 

That's all of my wonderful for this evening Sunshines! I hope you're having a lovely day whenever you're taking the time to read this. I'd love to know what little things have popped a smile on your face this week, you can let me know by commenting below. 

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