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Wonderful Wednesday #34 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #34 | 2017


Happy Wonderful Wednesday friends. I'm sat tapping away at my laptop on Tuesday morning with a steaming cup of tea at my side. Well, actually, the tea was steaming and full until I absolutely devoured it. I'm quite the tea monster in the mornings. As I have a little time to spare this morning, I thought I'd pop down a few ideas for my happy post now and finish it off later, being sure to publish on time on Wednesday. You see, there is a specific time slot this post must be published by : 14:00 GMT.

Why? This is Fraser's lunch time and he reads this happy post every week on a Wednesday on his lunch break, without fail. He's quite the creature of routine and calls me up if it's not live by then. "How am I supposed to get my happy fix Pea?!" is what I hear upon answering the phone, so I always try my best to get my gratitude list up before the deadline. It is lovely to have someone who enjoys reading my thoughts, especially when that someone reads those thoughts all day every day on whatsapp and listens to me natter on for a good hour or two on the phone each day. He's a good egg.

Let's hop onto the wonderful train then...

.: My E-book. I have wanted to create an ebook for quite some time, pour my soul, time, energy and thoughts into something which was just mine. When I found a way to overcome the absolute overwhelm I felt on social media, through a digital detox and mindfulness plan I knew I had to share. The support and love I have had from the launch of the book has been marvelous. Thank you so much for your kind messages. I can't put into words how grateful I am that people are buying my book. It truly means the world to me and makes me believe in myself and my dreams a thousand times more.

Too Many Tabs - A 7 Step Digital Detox Plan. Download the e-book on pe-ta.com

.: Energy Management. I've been trying to manage my energy levels over the past week. I find it quite difficult as I am someone who 80% of the time has an absolute abundance of energy. However, I'm currently in the 20% and have come to realise that by being mindful of how I use that energy, I can keep my body healthy.

.: Taking my time. On the subject of energy, I am one of those people that would usually leave the house a few minutes after they should. One of my good friend's gave me time optimist pencils because I'll squeeze everything into the last minute. The downside of this is that I end up racing to work, racing home and constantly just making it on time. I'm never late, but I'm only just on time and I've found that it causes some tension to rise when I do this. Especially in my chest. Being late is a pet hate of mine and it's something that can really stress me out so I've been leaving the house 15 minutes earlier than I usually would. It means I can walk to work from my car - which is a twenty minute walk, at a leisurely pace. I get into work a little earlier and have time to make tea and calmly get my things together. It's made for calmer days and a happier Peta.

.: Autumn Signs. I really enjoy reading the other Wonder Women's posts on a Wednesday (of which you can find below.) and in most posts everyone will mention something about the season we're in. Usually regarding the weather, animals, flowers, or nature in general. It's the part I really savour reading. Autumn is definitely here now and I love walking around the garden and capturing Autumnal moments here and there:

.: Dark Mornings. I woke up at 6am this morning, without an alarm. I was wide awake so I did a meditation and got up and fed the cats. It was so lovely to be up just before the sun awoke. It feels like the rest of the world is asleep and I relished taking my time to have a long, slow breakfast. I rolled my purple yoga mat out to gently stretch and ease my joints into the day and had a few cat cuddles along the way. Sometimes waking up early isn't my thing - especially when I'm in a deep sleep when the alarm goes off, whereas if I awake early naturally, I feel more inclinded to pad into the kitchen quietly and potter around before the rest of the world rises.

.: Lemon, Honey & Hot Water. I caught a sniffle last week, a sniffle in my nose and a tickle in my throat. Instead of enjoying the usual slice of lemon with hot water and honey I squeezed the juice of one whole lemon into a huge mug. I topped it up with steaming hot water and a teaspoon of deliciously runny, organic honey. I think I'll be revelling in a giant mug of this delight every day from now until the beginning of next Summer.

.: Christmas Excitement. Do I dare mention that there are just 89 days until Christmas? It's my most favourit time of year. I'm already beginning to plan the magic I hope to spread during the festive season. Eep!!

If you'd like a spot more wonderful, please do pop over to the other wonder women who do a fantastic job at spreading the cheer no matter what the time of year! Sally TangleJoMichelleKateLynseySamEl Cat  and Emma ‘s 



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