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Wonderful Wednesday #35 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #35 | 2017


Hello friends, it's only that beautifully warming wonderful time of week again - Wonderful Wednesday! I really enjoy writing these gratitude posts, looking back on the previous week and thinking off all the positive, delightful moments has a way of lightening the load we carry on our shoulders. Reading the other wonderful wednesday posts is a brilliant remedy for the tension that builds mid week, when we're all a little snowed under with life and all of the events that it brings with it.

Before we begin, I propose you pop the kettle on and maybe light a candle? I'm really enjoying candles this week - 'tis the time of year for candles isn't it? I often feel like I'm writing this post to friends rather than strangers on the internet, many of you message me and pop e-mails over and it's so lovely to have internet buddies. I think we'd better hop onto the wonderful train before I waffle on much more, I do love a waffling introduction though. It gives me the chance to get all of the words running around my brain down on paper so that I can sort through the memories of the past week and get the loveliness down on paper too.

.: CandlesI really love candles and fires, the flickering flame so incredibly calming and warming. I'm rather particular when it comes to candle smells though. I enjoy warming vanilla and cinnamon smells. Last year Zara Home stocked a gingerbread candle for Christmas, but I couldn't bring myself to fork out the €20 they wanted...however I'm kinda swaying that way this year... but eeeesh €20?! Is it really worth it?

.: Plums. The plum tree in the garden is still going strong so I picked a large box full on Sunday and cooked them up with a drop of water in a saucepan. I love having stewed fruit for breakfast topped with toasted oats, nuts and seeds drizzled with golden, runny honey. The sizzle the roasting oats make fresh out of the oven as they marry the fruit in my breakfast bowl warms my soul every morning.

.: All I Need Is The Ocean, Moon, Stars & You. My beautiful friend Lucy who is ever so talented has created this print in both Navy and Black. I adore her lettering and all of her artwork. I feel ever so lucky to have a copy on display in a frame I have been saving since my birthday for something special. Lucy has a beautiful selection of wedding invites which she has designed and created.. As I'm not currently in the market for wedding invites I felt like I was missing out until she announced a range of non-wedding related printables. I'm looking forward to seeing what else Lucy pops into her shop. You can find Lucy's Shop Leaf Lane Studio here and please do follow her beautiful Instagram.

.: Rosa's Shop. An adult student I used to teach has a shop in town. It is my most very favourite kind of shop, stocked to the brim with local produce. Pulses and legumes, dried fruit and jars full of yummy goodness. I popped in to see her a few days ago and stocked up on a few bits and bobs. She's a person who lights the world up with her infectious smile and hugs. We need more people like Rosa in this world I think.

.: Today I'm Grateful For... I've started a little project of creating short videos each day of things I am grateful for. There is so much negativity and so many terrible acts going on around the world, I feel we need to concentrate on the happy little things that feed our soul more than ever.


.: Sweet Potato Spanish Omelette. Fraser and I are big food people. We both love food and have both worked in kitchens and enjoy cooking, so naturally we spend much of our time talking about food too. As you can probably imagine from this blog, we often experiment in the kitchen and as we chatted on the phone about what I was going to make for dinner a couple of days ago, Fray came up with the idea of a Spanish Omelette with a twist - sweet potato! What a genius idea! It's so deliciously Autumnal and warming. I've shared the recipe here so that you can make it yourself if you'd like to. I teamed it with this turmeric courgette side, which surprisingly worked really well.

.: Albert Cat. The cat that doesn't want to be an indoors cat is suspiciously looking like an indoors cat at the moment. He's really enjoying snuggling up on the bed in the spare bedroom. He's a funny little character really. I don't mind what he does as long as he's happy and relaxed.

.: Magical time of year. I feel like I pack these wonderful wednesday posts to the brim with pictures, I hope you don't mind! I snapped this photo of a leaf caught in a cobweb. It felt so magical and whimsical. Oh how I love this time of year! There has been plenty of leaf crunching going on and Arthur delights in jumping through the leaves. Katie spends hours chasing them as they tiptoe rapidly along the flood, touching here and there. Tina on the other hand...well I think she's gone into hibernation. She hasn't wanted to go out for the past five days, even though I have had all of the windows and doors open to let the fresh air in. She's not so skilled at hibernating at dinner time though and let's me know the upmost importance of having her dinner at exactly the same time every day.

.: Weekly Vlogging. I decided to weekly vlog last week and really enjoyed it. Capturing lovely moments on camera always warms my soul.

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Turmeric Courgette

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