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Wonderful Wednesday 36 0f 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 36 0f 2018

Good morning my loves, happy wonderful wednesday. Gosh it’s been quite the busy week so far, I’m stealing a few moments to tap this lovely mid-week gratitude post out before heading out for a teacher training session. I hope you’re having a delightful week so. Let’s jump right into the wonderful.


Your Values, Your Life.
I recently started an online course by Pippa Parfait on discovering your personal core values. I’ve found it really eye opening and it’s helped me get my head around what really matters to me in life. You take 350 core vales that Pippa gives you and eventually narrow it down to 6 to 9 which align with yourself, it’s no easy thing to do. I found yesterday’s challenge of approaching friends and asking for words that describe me as a person really difficult!

I desperately just wanted to ask my cat but Pippa even says in the course that asking cats isn’t an option - doh! I was really happy to find that many of the words my friends used were similar to mine, phew! The course is free and I honestly think everyone will get something out of it, I’ll pop the link directly to the course here for you to take a look if you fancy. I haven’t been asked to mention the course, this is not sponsored or paid for I just found it incredibly useful.

My lovely friend Lucy lent me a book on branding - How To Style You Brand* (if you’re into branding or looking to re-brand or launch a brand I highly recommend it). It’s taken weeks to really get my head around the new brand for this website and the work I do. There’s a new name of course, but I thought picking the name would be the toughest part. (joking…kinda…) Yesterday 7 hours flew by without without me noticing, I was so engrossed in writing up a branding brief and creating vision boards for the brand. I’m really excited to see how it evolves and I’m very much looking forward to showing you. It will be the same me, just a different name, focusing more on food and the psychology of eating with a slightly warmer, more comforting look - I hope!!


New Plant Family Members.
I’d like to introduce you to Julian and June who are new to the plant fam - they were discarded at the bottom of the sale shelf in my local supermarket and I just had to rescue them. I love their pretty colouring and I hope they enjoy their new hope on my living room windowsill!

This is going to hurt.
I am about halfway through Adam Kay’s book This Is Going To Hurt - Secret Diaries Of A Junior Doctor* - it’s absolutely excellent and I’ve been giggling throughout. It’s also really brought home just how much doctors work in the NHS, how underpaid and undervalued they are. A brilliant read that I know I’ll be recommending to everyone. I even snapped a photo of a page and sent it to my mum.

Telly News.
I’m not usually one for watching too much tv, I’m usually swept up somewhere between cat cuddles, cleaning, yoga-ing and reading blogs or scrolling through social media - instagram stories is a dangerous place to get lost in the vortex! But recently I’ve enjoyed a few shows - I am so happy The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens. I love Terry and Kim-Joy but my absolute favourite is Rahul. I keep shouting “come on Rahul, you’ve got this! I believe in you!!” at the tv. Also, strictly is back on our screens - yay! I’m excited about this years line up and really enjoy watching dancing. I find it really emotional for some reason! On Netflix the new series of Atypical has arrived, I’m saving it for this weeked. I couldn’t stop myself from watching a few episodes of the 3rd series of a Spanish programme on Netflix called Cable Girls - it’s amazing and so addictive. You can watch it with English subtitles if you don’t feel confident with Spanish.

Hedge Trimming.
On Sunday afternoon I spent all afternoon cutting the hedges and wheelbarrowing the cuttings up and down - it was a huge job but it’s so lovely to see the hedges looking neat and tidy again.

Cooler Weather.
I daren’t speak too loudly in case I jinx it but I think the cooler weather is arriving, eeeeeep!! Today we’re below 30’c and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. I’ve even popped a cardigan on! Please please please let this be the beginning of Autumn. I even cooked a delicious sweet potato and hazelnut stew at the weekend in preparation. Heads up - WHAT A COMBO!

The Usual.
It wouldn’t be a gratitude post without quickly mentioning abundant cups of tea and lots and lots of cat cuddles as well as a few squares of chocolate or two - those are the things that bring me little sparks of joy throughout my day.

I hope you’re having a lovely week, I’m afraid I must dash off! The things marked with * are affiliate links, read more about that here.

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Sending lots of love (and cat cuddles your way!)

Peta x

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