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Wonderful Wednesday #36 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #36 | 2017


Good morning friends and happy Wednesday, I hope you're having the loveliest of days even if it isn't Wednesday for you! I must say I don't often manage to find time to read the other wonderful Wednesday posts until later on in the week, I prefer to save them for when I have a good hour to spare with a cup of tea and can really savour the moment. Reading other gratitude posts and weekly round ups always puts me in the brightest of moods. I think we had better get on with the wonderful!

.: Colourful Flowers. I popped to the bustling market on Sunday morning and bought some lovely little flowers to have on my patio. I've potted them in bown plant pots directly opposite my front door so I can see them when I'm sat at the dining room table and as I come and go. The spark of bright colours really makes me smile.

.: Autumn / Winter Vegetable Patch. I had a proper good sort out at the weekend - I spent Saturday cleaning and tidying, trimming back trees and raking crispy Autumn leaves, piling the wheelbarrow high before starting all over again. On Sunday I planted my vegetable patch for the season. Pretty little rows of baby lettuce and cauliflower, broccoli and peas as well as dainty little spinach plants are sat tidy and neat. I love growing my own food, there's something very grounding about tending to the vegetable patch each day, weeding, watering the little dudes whilst Arthur Cat stands proudly by my side - he has a thing about water...he LOVES it.

.: The Life & Times Of A Cat Lady. I've continued on with the short little films of gratitude on Instagram and Twitter this week as well as popping them on Youtube too. I really enjoy taking time to put together clips that warm my soul, giving me a moment each day to take stock of all the good in my life.

.: Satsumas. Oh my goodness it is that time of year again, the satsumas are tiptoeing into season. Is there really anything nicer than a juicy satsuma seperated into segments and enjoyed under the trees listening to birds flying high?

.: Herbs. As you have probably gathered I do love all kinds of plants and treated myself to mint, oregano and basil plants a few days ago. I can't wait for the mint to grow a little - it usually grows like wildfire, so that the smell wafts through into the dining room on a breezy day.

.: A New Print. I'm obsessed with this print my Lucy from Leaf Lane Studio, isn't it beautiful? It serves as a wonderful reminder each and every day.

.: Broth. I've been experimenting with drinking broth every day for the past six weeks. As someone who follows a 90% plant based diet, I don't tend to chat about animal protein very much or include many recipes on here. I felt a little unsure of whether I should post about how drinking bone broth has helped with my joints and acne but the feedback has been ever so wonderful, so thank you to those who messaged!

.: Call The Midwife. Series two and three have finally arrived to Spanish Netflix and oh my goodness. I couldn't be happier!! Just hearing the very opening notes to the theme tune gives me tingles in my tummy! I adore the Christmas specials the most.

.: My Weekly Vlog. It's a chatting cat filled vlog again this week my loves, I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful rest of your week.


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