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Wonderful Wednesday #37 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #37 | 2017


I'm writing this Wonderful Wednesday post after a loooong day at work, the students have been even more distracted than usual, a little more prone to upset and arguments, a little less tolerant to others. I've steered away from chatting about the troubles we are facing here in Catalunya, because it is all anyone can talk about. On the streets, at works, in cafés, in shops, it seems to be the only thing on our minds. However, it is affecting everyone, not just the politicians, it's affecting the entire public and the kids more so than one would expect at first glance.

This blog, along with my daily videos of gratitude and youtube channel all add up to my little escape and I'd like to keep it that way. It's my happy place, it's where I keep all of my joys wrapped up neatly in a cat lady bow. It's also where I write about my inner most feelings and thoughts. It's all mine. So I've got a cup of tea in hand, and I'm shaking off the day like a certain chocolate Labrador shakes off the water after bounding into the river, here's a photo of Molly (my partner's dog) to brighten your day!
I would prescribe a spot of gratitude writing to anyone who is feeling a little worse for wear, it does wonders for the soul!

.: Christmas Films & Planning. Oh it really is getting close to that time of year, whenever everyone starts chatting about Halloween, I start thinking and planning Christmas. I spent the weekend watching Christmas films and getting my head around Christmas 2017. Oh how exciting!! Eeeeeee!!!!!

.: Looking Up. I don't think we do this often enough, but over the past week I've found myself looking up at the Autumn sky, in between fluttering leaves, their colours slowly changing, the birds quietly chirping away. Oh it is a magical time of year isn't it!
.: La Roche Effaclar Duo. After having a teeny tiny miniscule nothing to see here break down over my skin at the weekend... (who am I kidding?! I was a bright red, snotty mess on the kitchen floor.) I did a little research and found the Effaclar Duo to come highly recommended. To my surprise, they had it in my local pharmacy - stocking anything remotely modern isn't the usual here! I noticed a difference overnight, which has put me on cloud nine! It sounds ever so silly, and I try hard not to feel the need to cover my skin up, as I know it makes it even worse, but I can be very self conscious of it.
.: Brownies. I am in love with this Microwave Oat Brownie recipe. It's so simple, but oh so very yummy. Warm, chocolatey goodness in every bite. I may just make some now for tomorrow, even if it is 22:16 and counting!
.: Working Outside. I have four mornings a week where I work on my side hustles at home - my blog, youtube etc. I took my laptop out on the patio today and it was lovely working aay, cup of tea in hand and a light breeze rustling the trees. Possibly my most favourite office space!
.: Orange flowers On Concrete. There was something about seeing these beautiful, delicate, bright orange petals contrasted against the grey hardness of a concrete wall that really made me smile. I guess mother nature can make anything beautiful, even concrete.
.: Fraser visit. Fraser just facetimed me to say he was booking his flights for November right there and then. It has absolutely made my week and I've already popped the date on my calendar. I love the count down towards seeing him again, the inevitable butterflies in my tummy and having my favourite person by my side once again.
That's all of the wonderful for today, you can check out this week's vlog here, and also catch my daily gratitude videos on Instagram and Twitter.

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