Wonderful Wednesday 37 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 37 of 2018

Hello hello hello and happy Wonderful Wednesday, it’s that time of the week again where I have a little chat about all of the lovely things that have warmed my heart in the past week. I’m going to delve right in as I can often spend far too long thinking up this intro!

Rain rain rain.
The weather is finally turning, although we’re due to hit over 30’c this weekend, this morning it poured. I lay woke early this morning to the sound of rain, my joints were a little sore and achey so I decided to snuggle up for a cat cuddle and listen to the raindrops falling on the leaves outside. The rhythm of drop after drop hitting the outside bin. It was every kind of wonderful and the perfect soul-filling way to start the day.


Being Kind To Yourself.
I filmed a little video for instagram on being kind to yourself and self-love, I was really rather hesitant at filming it as I felt like it would receive many an eye roll but it went down really well. Phew! As I very nearly changed the subject! I pop a little video on my stories and IGTV every week on a Tuesday, you can catch up with previous ones on my IGTV channel.

Salt & Olive Oil.
On Monday I had a lovely bath and made my favourite body scrub just using salt and olive oil, if you’ve never tried it, give it a whirl! It makes my skin feel so soft and lovely.

Shepherd’s Pie.
Ooooh I made such a comforting shepherd’s pie this week. I used lentils and mushrooms instead of mince and loosely followed my personal recipe, I soaked the tinned lentils over night and changed the water a few times over the course of about 18 hours and it really helped. Lentils and I don’t usually get on well however really over soaking them and washing them has made such a huge difference.

Twitter handle.
As you know, because I keep bloody well banging on about it, I’m changing the name of this website and social media handles. I wanted it all to have the same name but the handle on twitter had already been taken but not used since 2013. I traced the owner back over the course of a few tweets and contacted her. She was ever so lovely and said she’d be happy to change her account as she no longer uses it, so that I could take on the name but didn’t have her login details or the email address connected to the account any more. She very kindly got in touch with twitter, who validating her as the owner deleted the account and said it would take a minimum of 30 days for the name to become available. That happened about six weeks ago and I’ve been checking twitter multiple times a day just to see if the name is available and yesterday my eye lit up as it said it was!! I snapped it up immediately having created a provisional account for it until we change everything over and I’m so so so happy!! Eeeeeee!!

A bookish baker.
I mentioned this on instagram and I really wanted to talk about it again as I’m so excited. Helen has started up a patreon for her essays, her writing is absolutely beautiful and you can sign up to support her. It costs $1 a month and supporters receive one of Helen’s essays. I am so looking forward to the first one and so happy I can show Helen my support in a tiny way.


Herb Patch.
On Sunday I got to work on a flower bed which has been completely ignored for years. I weeded the whole bed out and planted my little herbs which were fast outgrowing their pots. I love how it looks and that it’s such a functional little spot in my garden.


This is going to hurt.
I’m pretty sure I mentioned this book* last week and I’m just finishing it now. It truly gives such an eye-opening insight into the work doctors do for the NHS. They deserve so much more recognition. It’s a book which has had me in hysterics with laughter and also made me cry. A complete emotional rollercoaster which makes me so incredibly grateful for the amazing souls who work for the NHS.

That’s my wonderful for this week my loves, I hope you’re having a delightful week so far. For more happiness please do pop over to the other ladies who take part in wonderful wednesday here: Sally,  JoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's

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