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Wonderful Wednesday #39 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #39 | 2017


Good morning my lovely Wonderful Wednesday friends, I hope you're having a... well, a wonderful Wednesday! I'm tip, tap, tapping away at my keyboard on the sofa this morning. It's Tuesday, blowing a gale out side, (It's not actually blowing a gale, but it sounded good. The tree branches are moving ever so slightly and it's drizzling.) and I'm wrapped up warm with a Tina cat next to me, and an empty cup of what was the best cup of tea of my whole entire life on the shelf beside me. It was the best cup of tea because I was really in a tea mood this morning, even more so than usual and this wonderful mug of perfect strength, perfect temperature at the perfect time came into my life like a golden mug of wonderfulness. Slightly over the top, but that really is how much I enjoyed it. Shall we get on with the wonderful? I'll just pop the kettle on!

I am back, tea has been replenished and Tina cat has wandered off to be replaced by Arthur cat. Cat lady life is a rollercoaster of change!

.: Fluffy Socks. Is there anything more cosier and comforting than a pair of fluffy socks on a rainy day?! I think not. Socks are high up on my list of favourite things.

.: Hot Water Bottle. Oh the feeling of warm, comforting loveliness on aching joints is like no other. I love a good bath for the same reason, but sometimes there is no time for baths, or for faffing, or if I'm honest sometimes I can't quite get my knees to go over the bath tub. So, at times like these, I settle for a lovely hot water bottle instead. Bliss.

.: Excitement. Tomorrow Fraser arrives for five whole days!! We haven't seen each other for two months and I can't tell you how blooming excited I am. I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight! I love waiting at arrivals for him, butterflies in my tummy - even after a lifetime of knowing him, looking out for that familiar face ready to throw myself at him.

.: A Thoughtful Gift. My friend Rosalyn sent me this beautiful gift which arrived on Monday. I was absolutely blown away by her thoughtfulness and generosity. When I opened the parcel I must admit I did shed a tear or two! The hot cloth cleanser is to help with my skin, along with a face mask, sparkly nail varnish, candle, nakd bars (my fave!!), a beautiful greeting card and a christmas card which I'm saving for a few more weeks. It really made my day and put me in a great mood.

.: Christmas Planning. Oh I just can't help myself, I have to include it because oh my goodness I have all the festive feels right now!!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely, 100% my time of year. I stay awake at night, mind whirling about all of the Christmas plans and ideas I have.

.: Capturing Light. I have an obsession with capturing sunlight and rays of light outside. I love how magical and whimsical it feels.

.: Snuggly Early Mornings. I've been waking up a little earlier than usual, just as the day is dawning, and that feeling of a heavy duvet sheltering me from the world, keeping me safe and warm is one of my favourite feelings in the whole wide world.

Well that's all the wonderful I have for this week, here is my weekly vlog full of cat lady antics, little paws, cups of tea and yummy food. I hope you have a great rest of your week.


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