Wonderful Wednesday 39 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 39 of 2018

Happy Wednesday! There’s a crisp feeling of Autumn in the air this morning and my goodness, I am overjoyed to be welcoming Autumn into our lives. It arrived overnight, just like that the temperatures dropping drastically, more tea is required of course and even more cat cuddles are to be expected in Autumn - it really is a wonderful season. Shall we get on with the wonderful for this week?

The sort out continues…
Can you believe I’m still sorting? It feels so good to be sorting out, selling unwanted things and popping the money in a pot ready to buy lovely new furniture. I love the idea of swapping our the things that no longer bring me joy for things that do. On Sunday, as I was sat on my sofa thinking about how much I dislike it, how uncomfortable it is, and how much room it takes up in my living room, I decided to put it up for sale. I didn’t expect it to sell and thought by the time it does, I’ll have made enough money to buy a second hand smaller, comfier one.

It sold within 20 minutes…ahhhhh!! I trusted my gut instinct and just knew it would all work out. I asked my dad to come and help me take it apart and lift it out of my flat ready for the buyers to collect. “You know we’ve got that really comfortable sofa we used to have stored in the attic don’t you? You can have it if you like” My dad said to me. Can you bloomin’ well believe it?! Between us we carried it down from the attic, goodness me it was heavy, I cleaned it up and popped a beautiful brown sofa cover on it and some lovely pillows - I’m over the moon. It’s reall comfortable and the cats seem to love it too.

Duvet Time.
With the cold weather comes the duvet and I can’t tell you how insanely happy this makes me. I struggled to sleep with bedsheets alone but when temperatures are reaching 50’c, you don’t have much choice. (To be honest, sheets aren’t even wanted then!) I popped the duvet in the wash at the weekend when I saw the weather forecast for this week. It had been stored away in a cupboard since March, so a freshen up was needed! It’s so lovely feeling as snug as a bug at night again. Arthur Cat was particularly pleased when he jumped on the bed, he padded around a lot purring loudly.

Hugs have ruled the week this week, lovely friends needing a hug for this reason or that, or no reason in particular. I’m very cuddly and last year I was nicknamed “The Hugs Giver” at work, that sign has been glued onto my work locker. Even younger students have been asking for hugs or climbing into my lap during circle time. It’s something so simple isn’t it? An arm or two around you just for a second, yet it can make both souls feel so much better. We’ve had quite a few little criers this week, not feeling well or having hurt themselves on the way to class, I’m often called to have a little chat and see how I can make it better. With little ones, when it’s nothing serious, a hug and water are miracle workers - even for little bumps on the arm or leg - “do you want to pop some water on it?”. They’ll nod, tears streaming down their cheeks and when they emerge from the bathroom, they’ll smile and say “Much better!!” Bless their little cotton socks!

Early Morning Baths.
On Monday morning I was rather chilly, I woke up to Arthur and Albert playfighting and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I decided a 6am bubble bath whilst listening to Desert Island Discs with a cup of tea was the answer - my goodness that combination really is good for the soul.

Chocolate Orange Yumminess.
I’ve discovered a new Peta Friendly chocolate here in Spain, it’s by the brand Torras. A dark chocolate with orange crunchy speckled throughout. It melts in the mouth and truly is every kind of wonderful.

That’s my wonderful for this week my dears. I hope you’re having a lovely week. For more wonderful please check out the other wonderful wednesday-ers: Sally,  JoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's