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Wonderful Wednesday #4 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #4 | 2017


Good morning my loves and Happy Wednesday! I'm actually writing this on Wednesday morning, slightly sleepy, slightly frazzled with a steaming mug of tea perched precariously upon a pile of assignments that need marking. #TeacherLife. It's been very cold and windy here this week which has meant three cats who can't make their mind up on being in or out. It drives me mad, there's always one at the window meowing, be it inside or out! I don't understand why they'd even want to be out in this weather, but hey ho! Shall we get on with the wonderful? Yes, let's...

.: Winter Salads. I love salads so much, I'm not just talking lettuce on a plate though. I'm talking all the good stuff, warm sweet potato bake on mixed leaves and other bits and bobs of yumminess topped with honey and nuts. Oooooh.


.: Exercise. I find it to be such a mood booster for me and something I need to do everyday. I've managed to get back into workouts this week after last week's time spent huddled under the covers and it feels sooo good.

.: Desk move. I moved my desk into the living room next to the fire which means early mornings are spent toasty warm sorting out blog things with this one lying on my legs.

.: Signs Of Spring. It's in the air, the days are just slightly longer, the blossom is starting to bloom and that feeling of nature sleepily waking up for a brand new year gathers gently around us.

.: Calm. I'm all about guided meditations, only 10 minutes in the morning but it'll grind my buzzing mind to a screeching halt and let me get my head around my to do list for the day. I used to use headspace but recently discovered Calm and I'm really enjoying it. They also have sleep stories at night which are lovely to listen to if you struggle to sleep.

.: Work mates. I'm so lucky to work with a great bunch of souls. There is always plenty of laughter in the staff room and someone is always ready to pop a smile on your face.

.: March Plans. Fraser and I have organised our plans for March (being in a long distance relationship requires lots of planning!) We'll spend a week together here in Barcelona and we'll be jetting off for a weekend in Paris EEEEEE!!! It's my first time in Paris so I'm open to any suggestions on what to see and do and eat!

That's all for now folks! I hope I've made you think about all of the good things that have happened in your week so far and make you smile a teensy tiny bit. Have a wonderful Wednesday and don't forget to check out the other WW-ers on their blogs:

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