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Wonderful Wednesday 4 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 4 of 2019

It’s only bloomin’ Wednesday again, which of course calls for all of the wonderful. I have to warn you, there is every chance of a typo or two and even more chance that I get something totally wrong. This morning I declared that maybe I’m feeling off and really exhausted because it’s Summer - it’s the coldest January I’ve ever experienced here in Spain, on Tuesday it was -4’c so goodness knows where I got that from! Let’s get on with the wonderful before I nod off, shall we?


This sunrise.
What a sunrise to fly into Palma with, on Saturday we got up super early and flew to Mallorca for the day, we were greeted with this view and isn’t it just incredible! The plane only had time to go up before it had to come down again, no cruising at 30,000 feet for us!

Exploring the Parque Del Mar.
The first thing we did was explore the park around the cathedral, it was ever so beautiful and so quiet at 9am! We wandered down to the canal in front of the Cathedral and it just so happened there was a rowing competition on, Cat Dad loves rowing so we stopped to watch in the sunshine, we walked along the canal a little and found a cafe to have a cup of tea in and sit down as we watched. It was such a perfect start to the day.

I felt myself begin to panic as we spent time just watching the rowers go by, doing their thing. What about exploring? What about all of the things we could be doing? What about making the most of our time in Palma? Then I let go of all of the shoulds and coulds and just enjoyed the moment. It was absolutely one of my favourite ever days.

Afterwards we wandered through the streets, exploring and went into the Cathedral, the light reflections from the stained glass window were absolutely stunning. Then we found an art museum to warm up in.


Michelin Star Lunch.
Oh my goodness, it was like being on Master Chef! I’ve left the images below as big as can be because I feel like you really need to see the food. Instead of a present, I gave Cat Dad the experience of a Michelin Star 5 Course Lunch for his Birthday. He was over the oon and we enjoyed every second. We had a few glasses of cava and enjoyed these incredible dishes below.


Stuffed Squid with Squid Ink Sauce, Sautéed Potatoes & Beetroot.


Pea and Lemon Grass Soup with Artichoke and Mint.


Pan fried cod with tomatoes, green beans, apple and chorizo.


Pork cheek with celeriac purée and asparagus

Maths Training.
Never in a million years did I think I’d be chatting about maths training in my Wonderful Wednesday but here we are! On Monday Dr. Yeap Ban Har, author of Maths - No Problem text books came to run a training day. He was so engaging and made everything to do with maths incredibly interesting. Not only did I come away after a very long day, feeling inspired to teach maths, I felt inspired to do so many other things too. It’s amazing how much the energy of just one soul in a room can impact us.

Cat Cuddles.
I know I say it every week, but cuddles. I wasn’t feeling all too great on Monday evening and Cat Dad asked me if I maybe needed Tina Bear cuddles to get to sleep - I totally did. So Tina and I snuggled up and I fell straight to sleep listening to her purr. Tina is now cone of shame free - yippee!!! She’s absolutely loving her new found freedom but is choosing to spend only a very limited time outside, by limited I mean 5 minutes - after 2 months of not being allowed out and it being the dead of winter, who can blame her?!

Oooooh you know when you cook something and you just think “yep, I made that and my god it’s bloody good.” That was last night’s lasagne. What a plate of delicious goodness, it was so good I forgot to take a picture, I had it again for lunch today and it made me feel all kinds of wonderful.

On the subject of dinner I am off to make ours now - mushroom risotto stuffed red peppers - yum! Then I shall probably collapse into bed. I'‘m planning on a very restful weekend where I hope to properly recharge these batteries! I hope you’re having the lovliest of weeks. Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,

Peta x

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