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Wonderful Wednesday #40 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #40 | 2017


Hello my loves and happy Wonderful Wednesday, I'm actually writing this on a Wednesday morning instead of a Tuesday as the week seems to have gotten away from me a little! Time really seems to be flying by at the moment. I've had such a lovely week and I can't wait to tell you all about it, so pop the kettle on and let's get stuck in. .: A visit from my favourite. Fraser visited for five days and it has just been wonderful. Long distance can be pretty tough sometimes, especially when you just want a cuddle from your favourite person, but it's so worth it when we get to spend time together. We went to Ikea, spent lots of time at home with the furbabies and met up with a few friends.

.: Rice Pudding. It's that time of year where warm, hot, filling breakfasts are required and I do love a good old rice pudding. Brown rice, rice milk topped with a drizzle of honey fuel me right up until lunchtime!

.: Picnics. On Sunday afternoon we decided, rather spur of the moment, that we fancied a picnic by the sea. We made wraps, popped some grapes in a bag and grabbed a bar of dark chocolate and headed to the seafront. It was VERY windy so we wrapped up warm. There's something about sea air that just seems to fix everything and anything!

.: Catopia. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen Catopia is taking over the living room. Catopia was created by Fraser - a GIANT cat jungle gym, teamed with coffee tables and cat beds at various levels. Arthur Bear is loving life at the moment.

.: Early Mornings. I am a thousand times more productive when I get up early, it's insane isn't it? But I get so so so much more done in my day. I love the quietness of an early morning. As I get older, I continue to realise just how much I enjoy my own space and time. I love that time just as dawn is breaking, and the world is still sleeping. It feels like you're the only one awake.

.: Advent Calendar. As you can probably imagine I am literally bouncing off the walls with excitement about Christmas. My other half has made me this advent calendar which is Peta friendly, and I absolutely adore it!!

.: Camomile & Liquorice Tea. It's sweet and soothing and oh so very wonderful for this time of year.

.: Hats & Scarves. I am over the moon that it is officially hat and scarf weather. I've been lighting the fire over the past few nights and of my goodness I can't begin to explain how much I adore the cooler months.

.: Weekly Vlog. This week's vlog is lonnnnng, it took absolutely hours to edit but it's by far my favourite vlog ever.

I hope you've had a wonderful week so far my lovelies, if you're in the mood for a spot more wonderful, pop on over to the other wonderful wednesday bloggers, you can find them here:

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