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Wonderful Wednesday #41 |2017

Wonderful Wednesday #41 |2017


Good morning and happy wonderful Wednesday. I hope you’re feeling every kind of wonderful this morning. It’s really rather chilly isn’t it! Make sure you wrap up warm, I think it’s hats, scarves AND gloves weather with an extra vest underneath! I must admit to wearing vests all throughout winter to keep me cosy and warm. I think you and I should get on with wonderful Wednesday don’t you? Here’s my list Of little moments I’m grateful for this week, what’s on yours? .: Lemon, Honey & Hot Water. I’ve been full of cold and bronchitis and my old faithful remedy is soothing, sweet and oh so very needed. I have three or four steaming mug fulls a day, which is just what the doctor ordered...kinda... well not really but I’m sure the doc wouldn’t object.

.: Soup. Allll the soup. I’ve been living off chicken soup and tomato soup and it is every kind of wonderful. Yesterday I added noodles to my chicken soup which was absolutely a good idea!!

.: Cat Love. When I’m under the weather the cats stay extra close. We have all been cuddled up on the sofa for the past four days under blankets. When I go to warm soup, this is where Arthur Bear sits. He likes to watch what’s going on and he’s the only cat to obey the kitchen side rule... sort of... when he feels like it.

.: An old fluffy dressing gown. Wrapping myself up in my old faithful, warnout fluffy dressing gown is so comforting. I’ve worn it over leggings and hoodies and it’s doubled up as a blanket on more than one occasion.

.: Christmas Adverts. I adore Christmas adverts, I even show my students and base English lessons upon them. Just that little moment to remind us of all the Christmas feels.

.: The Bedroom Chair. Over on Instagram I had the realisation that this little chair has so many jobs yet he is never used for what he was intended: to sit on. I asked for ideas on a name for him and I’ve settled on Keith which I think is a fabulous name for a chair!

.: Christmas Socks. They are out, I’m wearing festive socks every day and I am not sorry about it!

.: Menthol Tissues. I find them really soothing and clearing when I have a cold, and totally recommend always having a packet on hand. It’s silly but that little wave of mint when your head feels like it could burst is bliss.

.: Sparkly Nails. They feel oh so very festive and I love how the glitter catches in the light.

.: A Postcard. There’s something ever so special about receiving snail mail isn’t there?

I’m afraid there’s no weekly Vlog this week, it was the last thing I feel like doing from my sick bed!! However you can find my little daily Life & Times Of a Cat Lady on Instagram or Youtube I also created a playlist of my favourite Christmas adverts, I was in a teary snotty mess by the end of it however I highly recommend a watch!

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