Wonderful Wednesday 41 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 41 of 2018

Hello my loves, how are we doing? It's Wednesday and I am here for yet another jam packed Wonderful Wednesday, yay! The weather really has cooled down now and I am so very happy about it. This weekend I'm going to unpack and wash all of my winter-wear and sort out any Summer wear I haven't worn this Summer to be thrown out or given away. I'm still in full on sort out mode as you can probably tell! Shall we hop, skip and a jump on with the wonderful?!

White Walls.
I started painting the flat this weekend, I'm painting all of the walls white and quite a bit of the furniture, I absolutely love white, it's so easy to keep clean when you can touch any marks up on the wall easily and cost effectively! I'm a big fan of a blank canvas and I love the way it makes pretty pictures and cushions stand out. I'm hoping to finish the decorating by the end of the week, fingers crossed! There's only so long I can live in such an unorganised flat with everything squished into various rooms as I make my way around with a paint brush.


Cinnamon & Almond Biscuits.
There's something really rather delightful about a tea break from painting with freshly baked biscuits right from the oven, just a little too hot to hold in your hand but perfect to nibble on.

I absolutely devoured the second series of Atypical on Netflix, so beautifully made and a fantastic insight into autism.

Beetroot Curry.
I heard Liv Purvis mention beetroot curry on The Fringe Of It the other day and I thought oooooh that does sound rather nice, so I cooked a batch up of my own version and spooned it over baked potatoes. Scrumpdidliumptious!

Happy Songs.
Spotify informed me there was a playlist I may enjoy at the weekend, I'd run out of podcasts to listen to on my painting spree. I popped on "Happy Hits" and goodness me did it pop a spring in my step! I do love a good old sing song to Abba, The Spice Girls and Beyonce as I potter, it has to be said!

That’s all my wonderful for this week, I hope you have a delightful day.  

Sending lots of love your way, 

Peta x