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Wonderful Wednesday #42 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #42 | 2017


Hello You, I can't believe it's already Wonderful Wednesday, I say it most weeks but I feel like the time is whizzing by. This week has been a busy one, I'm hoping things calm down a little towards the end of the week. How has this week been for you so far?

.: French Onion Soup. 

Oh my goodness gracious me... how can something be so delicious, warming and delightful? It was Fraser's idea, and a very good one at that. I made a huge batch of french onion soup on Monday and I'm going to try and last it out for a few days more. I'm really into soup at the moment, it must be the cooler weather.

.: Christmas Music. 

I've been playing festive tunes in my classroom for a good few weeks now and the children love it. I adore how excited they get. Sometimes it's lovely to see the world and life from a childs point of view. They are beyond excited about Christmas, about spending time with their families, playing games, end of year shows, making Christmas presents. That kind of excitement is infectious.

.: Cat Christmas Presents. 

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Zooplus on a Cat Wishlist post recently and they have been ever so kind and sent some of the items of their wishlist. One of the parcels arrived today and I desperately want to open all of the things, but we shall wait until Christmas...at least we'll try to anyway.

.: Sometimes you just need to chill. 

I got home at 9pm last night, with all of the plans to write this blog post and do some blogging bits and bobs but I had absolutely no energy. So I popped the kettle on and settled down with a Christmas food magazine. It was exactly what I needed. I also facetimed Fraser who never fails to make me giggle.

.: Tea Tea Tea. 

Would it even be a wonderful wednesday post without mentioning tea? My mum and sister recently went back to the UK for a visit and brought me back a gorgeous tea box selection. I can't wait to try all of the flavours.

.: Satsumas. 

They may have made last week's post, but it's just that wonderful time of year where you eat alllll the satsumas isn't it?! I do love a good satsuma or two!

.: Meditation. 

I'm currently very proud of myself as I'm on a 71 day streak of daily meditation using the calm app. It's brilliant and really helps me to ease my mind and stop my thoughts from going a million miles an hour inside my little brain.

.: Skin Story. 

My skin is slowly but surely clearing and I haven't worn foundation or makeup for about six months apart from one night which flared it up. My skin doesn't like being covered up it seems! I posted this photo on instagram and the response was ever so lovely. I think it's so important to not just share the sparkly good parts of life.

If you didn't spot the photo on IG (get it, spot! ;) ) then here is the caption that accompanied it:

Slowly but surely my skin is healing, the scars will fade, and I hope one day in the future they won’t be there at all. Covering up troublesome skin seems to make it worse, that in itself is one of the most infuriating things about acne. It’s sore and it makes you so incredibly self conscious but it’s real, it’s honest, it shows signs of stress that my body has taken on through illness and worry. As you know, I’m not one for overly editing photos and showing only the sparkly side of life. We need balance, more so now than ever on social media. 🤓

Spots happen to the majority of us at some time or other, if they don’t happen to you then thank alllll the lucky stars ✨ but I’m sure you have other body hang ups which worry you instead. Not one being is perfect in societies judgement of perfection, but your perfect in your own way. Your perfect for your partner, your friends, your family and your pets... that’s all that matters 💕✨

That's all of the wonderful I have for this week my lovely. I hope you're having a great week so far, if you'd like to read a few more wonderful wednesday posts you can keep up to date with the other Wonder Women here: Sally TangleJoMichelleKateLynseySamEl Cat  and Emma ‘s 


Peta x

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