Wonderful Wednesday 42 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 42 of 2018

Hello my lovelies, happy Wednesday! It’s a chilly but sunny one here today, they’re my favourite kind of days. I've popped a really wooly jumper on and have a blanket over my legs with a cup of tea at my side. I’m just missing a cat now! You’d think one would have the decency to sit next to me as I type, considering I have four, but alas they’re all out playing in the sunshine. Shall we get on with the wonderful?

The Good Place.
Eeeeeee, I’ve just started watching the new series, I’m three episodes in and it’s so blooming good! I love the good place and I have to say it weirdly gets me thinking about life and whether we really know why we’re here, what our purpose is etc. I bet you weren’t expecting that ;).

I’ve really been struggling to sleep at night lately, I tend to go through phases and so I’ve been popping on Friends as I go to sleep, the final series really does make me giggle, although every series does in all honesty. I find it such a comforting show to watch and I dread to think how many times I’ve seen each episode!

Spotify’s Songs To Sing In The Shower Playlist.
WHAT A PLAYLIST. I even popped it on in class for my teens to have a listen to as they worked away. They really got into it and then asked me what kind of music I listened to when I was around 16/17. I introduced them to Oasis and The Killers and they were in complete awe. How had they not heard of either?! That was my good deed for the day done on Monday! (Link to sportify playlist here!)


My Office Space.
As you may know, I’ve been redecorating lately, I moved the flat around a bit and I’m back in my old office space which has all been painted white. It feels so tidy, clean and airy. It’s lovely to be back at a desk again and not typing this up on a very messy dining table!

Video Calls.
I do love a good video call and yesterday I got to speak to one of my all time favourite friends and fellow cat mamas - Lucy. Lucy is ever so lovely and we spend most of our conversations in hysterics with laughter and talking about cats. What more could a cat mum want?!

Winter Clothes.
I unpacked all of my winter clothing I had put away back in Spring. It’s lovely to get it all out. I’ve washed it all and had it drying on the line so it’s all fresh and not a bit musty. I’ve got one load left to pop on. My wardrobe is absolutely brimming now - I have a lot more winter clothes than I do Summer clothes that’s for sure! The grand majority of it was my Nan’s. When she passed away my Grandad asked me to go through her things and keep as much as I could and wanted. I ended up bringing back two huge suitcases and popped most of it away, except for a few pieces. It’s lovely getting it out and wearing it now.

New to me.
I’ve been lucky enough to be given some second hand furniture - a dining table and a pouffe or puffey as my Nan likes to call it. I painted up the dining table at the weekend - a certain ginger bear with a long tail walked all over it and got muddy paw prints across the whole length of the table. I’ve cleaned the mud off but the paw prints are still there - I’m kind of inclined to keep them! Having something to pop my feet up on in the evening is lovely, the cats are enjoying the extra space to lay on too. Now that it’s colder I find I have all four huddled up to me at night - not that it’s cold in the flat at all!

That’s all of my wonderful for this week so far my loves. I hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday, for more wonderful please check out the other WW-ers: Sally,  JoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's