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Wonderful Wednesday #43 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #43 | 2017


Merry Wonderful Wednesday, can you believe it's the last Wednesday of November? I kind of can't and I kind of can... I am relishing the excited atmosphere in the air, the anticipation of December. People aren't stressed about the festive season yet, there's a quiet hubub of excitement building and I adore it. Each day I'm digging out a little Christmas decoration to pop up, I think I may do it this way forever now, it's kept a little Christmas spirit creeping into the flat every day in a (kind of) subtle way. These gratitude posts on a Wednesday make me feel full with joy, thankfulness and happiness. I really like reading everyone's posts too, so if you haven't checked them out before, please do pop over and have a read of the Wonderful Wednesday team's posts!

.: Freezing Weather. It's cold, it is absolutely Chilly McNilly. This weather isn't ideal for my joints, I get more infections and viruses during the colder months too, and yet it's my all time favourite part of the year. Wrapping up in layers after layers, sipping steaming cups of tea and lighting the fire in the morning and at night. I find there's a little magic sparkling in these winter days. The temperatures are set to absolutely plummet over the next week, so we've got a huge load of wood in ready for the fire. There's something about stocking up and preparing for cold weather that I find really rather satisfying.

.: #GratitudeOnTheGrid . As you may know I share a little short gratitude film each day on my Instagram of the little moments that have brought me joy that day. If nothing else it has made me truly appreciate these moments of happiness and I've made some lovely online friends through it too. So I thought I'd start a hashtag. If you would like to join in, you don't have to post a video, but you can post a little photo each day / week / whenever you blooming well fancy, to share what you're grateful for.

.: Hugs. The last few days have been extra huggy. I've been giving my little handmade advent calendars out to close friends. I delivered advent calendars to my mum, dad and sister and received so many hugs in return. I do love a good, genuine, bear hug full of love.

.: Pinterest Quotes. Are you really on pinterest if you don't have a quotes board? I get lost on this app every single day, and find myself pinning and sharing quote after quote. Please let me know if you're on Pinterest, I need more lovely people to follow!

.: The New Google Calendar. My day job life is completely organised by google calendar, i'm on three or four different calendars at work which are all synced and the old google calendar just drove me insane. The new, very much improved one is a delight to look at and I feel so much more organised with it now.

.: Tea Loaf. Is there anything more deliciously satifying than a spongey, sweet slice of yumminess with a cup of tea? I shared the recipe for this tea loaf a few days ago and it's gone down a treat!

Tea Loaf Sponge - Dairy Free and Refined Sugar Free

.: Winter on the gram. Oh oh oh oh oh, another place I am constantly getting lost is the hashtags for wintery scenes on instagram. I just want to live in Nordic places so that I too can take snowy, wintery magical shots.

.: Exam Week. It's exam week this week, and whilst it can bring quite a lot of stress (and a whole load of marking - 300 exams to mark, and 98 reports to write eeep!) I actually secretly enjoy it. I enjoy being organised, so I always have all of my exams photocopied and ready to go in seperate files weeks before. I carefully explain the exam to students, helping them as much as I can with the exam layout and tasks. Afterwards I sit down to do the speaking exams with students from another class whilst my students quietly work away on their own papers.

Spain is very hot on exams, so we have been preparing our younger students, the six year olds, for speaking exams. The questions start off with What's your name? Where do you live? How old are you? And then there are a few questions about animals and colours. They've been practising for these very short speaking exams all term. One little lad sat down in front of me yesterday, looking like he was about to burst. Before I could open my mouth to say hello, he said "HELLO MY NAME IS PAU, I'm 6 YEARS OLD, I LIVE IN BARCELONA" all at once and needed to catch his breath afterwards. It made me giggle, bless his little socks!!

That's all the Wonderful I have for you this week. I hope you're having a lovely week so far, please do pop over and check out the other peeps who write a little happiness list each Wednesday:  Sally TangleJoMichelleKateLynseySamEl Cat  and Emma ‘s 


Peta x


French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup

Tea Loaf - Dairy Free & Refined Sugar Free

Tea Loaf - Dairy Free & Refined Sugar Free