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Wonderful Wednesday 43 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 43 of 2018

Hello my loves and happy Wonderful Wednesday. Last week it slipped me by and I didn’t even realise I’d forgotten to write a little list of gratitude until Friday night! It really was quite the manic week - I started a new job this week and I spent last week training a lovely teacher to take my place, handing over and doing paperwork. Shall we hop, jump and a skip onto the wonderful?!


New Job.
I started a new job this week at a lovely Primary School about 20 minutes away. The team have been incredibly welcoming and everyone seems so lovely. I was ever so nervous - the older I get the more anxious I seem to be around change and new experiences. I’m so happy I made this decision as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first few days at the school - I even went on a school trip yesterday!

New Car.
Remember what I said about change?! Well there’s a new family member joining the crew - her name is Bernice and she’s a 23 year old VW Polo. She’s red and wonderful and popped up for sale just at the right time.

Arriving home at 5:30pm (I haven’t arrived home at that time since I was a school kid!!) to the fire lit by Fraser is my new favourite thing. It’s so warm and cosy and makes me really rather sleepy straight away!

With all the newness comes a new routine, a routine which is pretty much the same every weekday and goodness me I can’t tell you how happy that makes my heart! Adjusting to 6am wake ups is a little difficult at the moment but I’m sure it won’t take me too long to get used to it.


Lush Bathbomb.
Just as I was about to have the mother of melt downs on Sunday evening because I was slightly overwhelmed by EVERYTHIIIING, Fraser told me to close my eyes and sneaked off quickly. He came back seconds later and placed something in a paper bag in my hands, Something which smelt like every kind of wonderful. A lavendar bathbomb which soothed all of my worries away.

It’s that time of year again, the time of year where I excitedly peel at least two, sometimes three or even four of these a day. Sweet and lovely and just the perfect mid-morning, mid-afternoon, gosh even mid-evening snack!

That’s my wonderful for today my loves. I hope you’re having a brilliant week, sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,

Peta x

Wonderful Wednesday 44 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 44 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 42 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 42 of 2018