Wonderful Wednesday #44 | 2017

Hello hello hello, happy Wonderful Wednesday. I am over the moon today as I have five whole days off and Fraser is here for the full five days, eeeeee! We haven't had this many days off together in a long time. I plan on watching all the Christmas films, eating lots of yummy food and snuggling by the fire.

 But all of that is for next week's Wonderful Wednesday! So without further ado, here are the wonderful wonderfulnesses that have occurred this week so far... What's occurin'? (Oh how I love Gavin & Stacey!!)
.: The Yummiest Breakfast Of All Time. As I lay in bed last night planning my breakfast for today (please tell me I'm not the only one who plans their breakfast the night before?!) I just knew this breakfast idea was the one. The breakfast to top all breakfasts. The breakfast that would go down in history for it's great breakfastness - long, slow releasing energy, delicious sweetness, a chocolate ginger twist and walnut crunch. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes - Porridge made with rice milk and oats, topped with a little runny honey, walnuts and a mini bar of Green & Black's dark ginger chocolate crumbled on top. The chocolate melted and the little flecks of ginger added a wonderfully surprising crunch along with the walnuts. My energy levels stayed at a good level throughout the morning and it filled my tummy with goodness before the start of a very long day.
.: Christmas Shopping. I've been squirrelling away, sneaking into shops and searching for the perfect little gifts. I always feel like a ninja spy undercover whilst Christmas shopping, as if whomever I'm buying for must be watching me.
.: Arthur Cat In The Morning. Arthur is not a morning cat, he very much dislikes early starts like this morning - 6:30. His little eyes could barely open and he fluffed himself up, he gets rather grumpy with an early start and much prefers slower mornings.
.: Advent Calendar Galore. I make my close family and boyfriend advent calendars at Christmas, I really enjoy putting them together and this year I received two in return! I was ever so surprised. Fraser made me one with mini Green & Black's chocolate bars (my favourite chocolate) and a charm for a bracelet each day. My close family have given me a big box full of gifts, so far I've had Christmas decorations and a notebook - I'm a very lucky cat mama!
.: Gingerbread & Chocolate Truffles. I'm completely intollerant to dairy and refined white sugar (among other ingredients) which means treats can be tricky at the best of times, never mind at Christmas. I came up with a recipe for these gingerbread and chocolate truffles. The crunch of dark chocolate, with a tiny pinch of salt as you bite into one is quickly married with the sweet doughy gingerbread inside along side a hint of mixed spice. I'd like to eat them every day until Christmas please. I think I'll be making these as little gifts for my friends at work for Christmas - I do love an edible gift!
.: Decorating little by little. "Poco A Poco" or "Little By Little" is a very well known Spanish saying and it's one I've fully embraced this Christmas. As Arthur gets easily stressed with any changes at home, I decided it may be more Arthur friendly to very slowly add a decoration each day in the hope it doesn't cause such a shock to his system. He seems happy enough, now although wasn't keen on my handmade wreath... Today is the day for the Christmas tree, last year he loved playing with it, so I'm hoping he'll be the same this year. However, he is a lot more wary this year - his new cat fountain is actually a cat monster destroyer in his eyes - he's petrified of it!
.: My Very First Wreath. Although Arthur isn't keen, I'm really proud of my first handmade wreath. I'm joining in on my friend Rosalyn's Instagram Advent To Share - a new christmas themed challenge each day and making a wreath was one of them.
.: Saying No To "New Year New You". I couldn't sleep on Saturday night as the thoughts whirred in my mind regarding New Year. I had been browsing Bloglovin' and Twitter earlier on in the evening and couldn't help but notice the amount of content geared towards New Years Resolutions and making oneself better in 2018. It's not for me, that idea of becoming someone else, or that we'll instantly be enlightened on being a better human being if we just do these four all improtant steps after waking up in the morning. So, I did what I always do when I can't quiet my mind, I wrote a blog post - "It's Ok Not To Make New Years Resolutions" . The feed back has been so wonderful, particularly the messages I've received from others who feel the same. I must admit, that it was rather therapeutic and I dozed right off to sleep as soon as I had written it.
.: Sunday Mornings. On Sunday morning I lit the fire, got the duvet on the sofa and watched a Christmas film with a big bowl of stewed fruit topped with toasted oats, nuts and honey. It was exactly what I needed.

Well with a hop and  skip it's all over until next week, I'm going to run and get in the shower and head to the airport to pick Fraser up. I hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday my love, please do check out the other WW-ers who make my week every single Wednesday with their happy lists: Sally TangleJoMichelleKateLynseySamEl Cat  and Emma ‘s