Wonderful Wednesday 44 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 44 of 2018

Hello my loves, happy Wonderful Wednesday. It’s that time of week again where I stop for a moment, with a cup of tea of course, and note down the lovely moments of the week so far. It’s a very precious moment of the week for me, especially now with life feeling like it’s an old VCR player permanently stuck on fast forward x 4. Let’s delve right into the wonderful.

A new mattress.
On Friday the new mattress arrived and goodness me it has made such a huge difference in how I wake up. I have to admit that my previous mattress was very very old indeed, the springs were no longer very springy, in fact they dug into my side, my thighs and my shoulders in rather an uncomfortable way. I’d position myself just so as I’d fall asleep only to wake up a few hours later having moved all over the place unable to find that comfy spot again. For the past few mornings I’ve woken up feeling properly rested, granted I haven’t wanted to get out of bed at all, especially as the alarm rings at 6am now, but my goodness do I feel as if I’ve had a really good sleep when I clumsily sit up, slide my feet into my fluffy slippers and my arms into my cosy dressing gown.

Soft Bedding.
With the new mattress came new, soft as can be bedding. Maybe that has something to do with my new bedtime of 21:30 and not just the early morning wake up calls?!

For the past 12 days Fraser has been here. I haven’t really spoken about it much online as I’ve barely had a chance to refresh instagram - which is rather unbelievable in itself! He has been here for the first week and a half of my new job, mornings have been easy with two of us sorting bits and bobs out, getting into a new routine has been a breeze with him by my side and having someone to have a melt down with has been very useful too, especially for his tea making abilities! I truly couldn’t be more grateful for the past 12 days as I’ve really needed that helping hand, especially in terms of a cuddle at the end of a long day and an encouraging you’ve got this smile as I drive off to work each morning. Those first few mornings most of all! The flat feels very quiet now that he’s flown back to the UK and the cats are searching for him. It won’t be long until we see him again I’m sure.


Sunday Roast.
On Sunday I made a Sunday Roast for lunch as we had my family around, I haven’t had a roast lunch in such a long time and it really was scrummy! For the gravy I used rice flour, olive oil and a stock I had made from the broth left in the slow cooker after cooking the chicken. I’ll definitely be making gravy with rice flour again as it worked really well.

Quiet moments have been very fleeting over the past few weeks so each time I’m alone I take such a deep, long inhale and slow exhale truly relishing that minute or two. I’m someone who really loves quiet time and my own company. I find that without it I don’t quite feel like myself!

That’s all the wonderful for this week my loves, I hope you’re having a lovely week yourselves. For more wonderful please check out these WONDERFUL writers: Sally,  JoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's