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Wonderful Wednesday #45 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #45 | 2017


Wonderful Wednesday is here again, and I'm sitting down to write it half an hour before I need to leave the house for work, eek! It's one of those non-stop weeks for me but I'm glad I can find thirty mintues to sit down and write a list of all the happy moments from the past week.  

.: A Long Weekend With Fraser. I had five days off work due a Spanish national holiday and Fray managed to get the same days off too. Being able to spend those days together with no work for either of us was ever so special. We had three days at home, without going out, decorating the Christmas tree, watching films and cooking. It was pure bliss.

.: Laughing Until Your Belly Hurts. My other half knows exactly how to make me laugh every single day and I adore him for it. We spent the past few days laughing until our sides hurt, pottering around the house and even doing a spot of Christmas shopping.

.: Leftovers. On Monday I took a tupper of leftover noodles to work with me and it was every kind of wonderful. I always find food tastes so much better as leftovers. I've popped the winter noodles recipe on the blog.

.: Christmas Shopping Snacks. We ventured into Barcelona city for the day on Saturday - I love the idea of shopping, however when it comes down to it I get quite stressed out very quickly. Snacks and tea break help A LOT! We were armed with carrot sticks, how advent chocolates and walnuts which made the day run smoothly. Lesson: Always arm yourself with snacks.

.: Hand Painted Gift. My beautiful friend Lucy gave me this beautiful quote as an early Christmas gift. It is so precious to me as she hand painted it herself. As you can tell I'm very sentimental and thoughtful gifts mean the world to me.

.: Saying Goodbye. Even as I write those words I get teary. I'm awful at saying goodbye to Fray at the airport but as I walked away tears streaming down my cheeks a quote popped into my head. "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." - A.A Milne. Oh how lucky I am.

.: Christmas excitement. 12 days to go and all the excitement is bubbling in my tummy. I can't wait to make Christmas cards with my students next week, show them Christmas adverts from the UK and plan a festive lunch for Christmas Eve for my family.

.: Advert To Share. My friend Rosalyn has started this hashtag for December with a Christmas challenge for each day and I'm loving it so much. I particularly enjoyed the make a snowman challenge. As you can imagine we haven't had any snow here in Barcelona so I had to go foraging in the garden for other materials! I'd like to introduce you to Steven the Stoneman.

.: Focus. We watched the film Focus recently starring Will Smith and I thought it was brilliant! I'd definitely give it a watch if you have time - it's on Netflix!

.: The Crown Series 2. Oh how I have been waiting for this!!! I watched the first episode in the bath last night after a 12 hour stint at work. I love love love this series and look forward to slowly devouring each episode over the next few weeks.

.: A Morning Cleaning. The flat was an absolute state - dust every where from the fire, leaves the cat's had "caught" and brought in and just general untidiness. When it gets unorganised I get super stressed and nervous, I really like everywhere to be tidy with everything in the correct space, so I've spent four hours this morning cleaning and I'm so relieved. It's silly I know, but I feel a million times better for it. I even emptied all of the crates of fire wood for the next few weeks and piled them into the old fireplace in my office.

That's all of my wonderful for this week my loves as I need to run off to work. I hope you're having such a lovely week. Check out the other WW-ers: Sally TangleJoMichelleKateLynseySamEl Cat  and Emma ‘s 


Peta x

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