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Wonderful Wednesday 45 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 45 of 2018

Happy happy happy Wonderful Wednesday my loves. Tina and I are are snuggled up on my yoga mat by the fire ready to share the sweet little things of the week so far. Evenings like this make early morning wake ups totally worth it. Shall we hop skip and a jump into the wonderful?

Slow Cooked Autumn Veggie Curry.
On Sunday I threw a load of veggies into the slow cooker with plenty of tomatoes and curry powder, it bubbled away all day and evening - a pot full of goodness. It’s warming, delicious and just perfect for this time of year.


Christmas Planning.
It really is my most favourite time of year, I’m loving the Christmas adverts and quietly planning Christmas gifts and decorations. It fills my heart with so much joy! On Sunday I delivered the handmade advent calendars I create each year for my mum, dad and sister, here’s a photo of this years. Each little gift is wrapped in brown paper and popped into a glass jar with twinkling fairy lights - they loved them!

Cat Mumpreneur Video Call.
A couple of days ago I hopped on a call with one of my favourites - Lucy who is a blogger at From Lucy With Love and small business owner of Leaf Lane Studio. It was so wonderful to catch up and have a good old chin wag. The cats got in on the video call as per usual!

Sunday Evening Natters.
Three of my lovely friends popped over for a good old chinwag on Sunday evening and it was delightful to catch up over cups of tea and some chocolate biscuits!

Goodness me it has been quite a few weeks since I’ve managed to hop on my yoga mat. I made it my absolute priority when I got home from work this evening and my god it’s made such a difference in how I’m feeling. I find it difficult to carve that time out in the evenings now as something usually pops up, so I’m going to have to set my alarm a little earlier if I want to feel that warm fuzzy, peaceful feeling on a regular basis - which I totally do!

Tina Bear’s Op.
Poor little Tina has to have two very big operations on Friday as she’s rather poorly. In order to prepare her for the recovery I’ve already got her wearing the cone of shame. This will mean that she’ll be able to eat, use her litter tray and walk around without it bothering her once she’d ad the op, which will be a great help. I’ve been taking it off for an hour a day so she can clean herself and so far she’s been happy for me to pop it back on again. She’s cuddlier than ever right now and I can’t go far without her there, wanting another cuddle! I must say waking up at 3am to the cone of shame digging into your cheek is really rather something! It will absolutely be worth it though. Now that we have a plan in place I’m feeling much more positive about. If you have cats please check them regularly for lumps.


Fluffy Socks.
Is there anything nicer than popping on a pair of the fluffiest, comfiest socks in the morning and choosing to wear those to work instead of regular socks. A little fluffy secret keeping your tootsies warm and toasty all day long.

Veggie Quiche.
I made a vegetable quiche yesterday which is absolutely scrumptious if I do say so myself! I' want to perfect the pastry recipe but as soon as I’m happy with it I’ll pop it up on the blog!

No more long distance!
Eep! Fraser is moving in here (in Barcelona) on the 20th of December we (by we I mean me and the cats) couldn’t be bloomin’ happier! I think we’ll all be a bit discombobulated to begin with as we’ve done the long distance thing for two and a half years. Goodness me, what a difference it’ll be! Here’s to a very exciting adventure and Cat Dad moving in!

That’s all the wonderful for this week my loves. I hope you’re having a delightful week. For more wonderful please check out the other WW-ers: Sally,  JoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's   

Wonderful Wednesday 46 Of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 46 Of 2018

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Wonderful Wednesday 44 of 2018