Wonderful Wednesday 46 Of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday 46 Of 2018

Goodness me my loves, this Wonderful Wednesday very nearly didn’t happen. Tina is being very demanding at the moment, and whilst she’s recovering really well from her recent operations, she is definitely playing the diva card at every chance she gets. I’m having to do any task that isn’t cuddling Tina in short 5-10 minute spurts, before she wakes up again and follows me around meowing very angrily until I sit back down with her. As she has a cut which goes from her neck down the whole length of her body, with what must be at least 20 stitches, it really isn’t ideal for her to be stomping around in such an angry fashion, so I very quickly go and lie down with her. Her loud purrs can be heard in the next room, Tina loves nothing more than a big cuddle and quite honestly this neediness is doing me the world of good too! It means I have to sit down and forget about my to do list, just concentrate on cuddles, which is really rather nice. Shall we get on with the wonderful before she wakes up again?!


Christmas Shopping.
I managed to complete the majority of my Christmas shopping online at the weekend. I was house bound with Tina Bear so we set up camp with plenty of blankets and the fire, New Girl was on in the background and we had a lovely time thinking up gifts for loved ones. I even managed to write out my Christmas cards this year!

Christmas Tree.
This is the first year I haven’t put my tree up on the 1st of December as the boys can be very naughty with the tree and usually have it crashing down to the ground multiple times a day. Katie can be found around half way up the tree but as she’s very light she can usually get away with it. I worry that poor old Tina bear would get crushed by the tree in her little cone as she’s not quite as quick as she usually is - which in all honesty isn’t quick at all. So the tree has had to be put on hold, however I’m slowly putting Christmas decorations out here and there.

On Tuesday I was put in charge of decorating the Christmas tree at work (I work in a Primary School.) Parents came in and helped the children hang their handmade decorations which represent their culture and nationality - we have so many nationalities in the school! It was amazing to hear about so many festive traditions and it brought a tear to my eye to see such an eclectic mis match of love, memories, tradition and care all poured into a giant, slightly lopsided tree!

I’ve been watching New Girl which is one of my favourites. I also saw the film Ibiza which I LOVED and the Netflix series Maniac which was absolutely brilliant, pretty strange and it took a little getting into but I highly recommend a watch.

Oh vlogmas!! I’m really enjoying watching Lucy’s vlogmas, I love seeing Gizmo as well as Lucy’s beautiful face, Cornwall, and of course Joe’s fact of the day! Here’s Lucy’s Vlogmas Day 1 if you fancy watching!

Four days off.
I have a long weekend of four whole days off. I’m hoping to get the quiche recipe up on the blog if Tina will let me get in the kitchen!! I’m also planning on watching Christmas films and resting lots. Life is about to get a little crazier (how?!?!) with Fraser moving on the 20th so we are in full on count down mode now. Eeeeeep!

That’s all the wonderful I have my lovelies, I hope you’re having a delightful week! Do check out the other WW-ers here: Sally,  JoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's