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Wonderful Wednesday #5

Wonderful Wednesday #5


Good morning loves, happy Wednesday. I'm writing this with a heavy heart, on Tuesday night wearing Fraser's hoodie and drinking cammomile tea. I am living the dream! I had the loveliest of weekends with Fray, of which I shall fill you in on in just a second, but this is the reason for the heavy heart. We said our goodbyes this morning at the airport. This whole long distance relationship palava does not get any easier let me tell you that! I was a snotty, tearstained bright red mess at departures at 8:38 this morning. Not the look I was hoping to channel as I waved " see you very soon, well...in just under three weeks" to my adventure buddy.

Anyway, enough of that, let's look at the memories that are still making me smile from the past week.

.: Waiting At Arrivals

The goodbyes are really hard, but the hellos are just the most exciting, heartwarming moments ever. We count down the days until we see each other again, and this time it had been six weeks so I practically hurled my 5ft3 frame onto Fray as soon as I saw him. There is something so nice about waiting for someone at arrivals.

.: Saturday Steps

Ambling around Barcelona, we managed to clock up a pretty impressive 25,000 steps. I love knowing how many steps I walk each day and was pretty astounded by this number for a weekend day! During a weekday I'll easily clock around 15,000 - 20,000 steps as I'm on my feet all day and park a fair way from my place of work. The walk to and from gives me some much needed thinking space and really helps to kickstart my stepometre for the day!

.: Cinema

After treating ourselves to sushi, followed by onion rings and bravas in another bar we ventured into the cinema, deciding upon 50 Shades Darker in our tipsy state. In all honesty, neither of us were that impressed although we did giggle quite a bit of the way through and came out sniggering like school kids.

.: Silly Times

Before Fraser became my boyfriend, he was one of my best friends for many many years. This means that we spend a lot of time messing around, winding each other up, being silly and trying to play fight, scare, prank and trick each other. This weekend we spent the majority of it giggling mischieviously, with cheesy grins plastered on our faces and a carefree feel in the air.

.: Coastal Walk

Is there anything quite as good as blowing the cobwebs away with a long, exhausting coastal walk? I think not! We donned our snazzy trainers on Sunday afternoon and walked for two hours along the coast. The sun was out, we huffed and we puffed up hills and over rocks, and it was perfect.

.: Warmer Days

It's February, and today we reached 25'c. This is why I absolutely bloody adore living in Barcelona, I got my yoga mat out at lunch time and yoga-ed on my patio in the sun. It was bliss.


That my loves, is my list of wonderful. I'd love to hear what about the special moments in your week. If you'd like to top up your wonderful-o-metre you can check out these fab WW-ers: Sally TangleJo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate,Cat, Sam, El , Kerri’s, Mimmi’s, Martina’s and Isabelle

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