Wonderful Wednesday # 5 | 2017

Happy Wonderful Wednesday! The sun in shining here and there's that little shiver of Spring in the air. I've really noticed the days getting a little longer and that makes me all kinds of happy! I am writing this on Wednesday morning, half an hour before I need to run out the door for work, eek! I think we'd better get on with the wonderful... .: Valentines Day. I love any excuse to celebrate life and love, so yesterday I went into work armed with my valentines monkey Boris, and gave out heart shaped energy balls to the teachers. I also left little compliments on their sign-in sheets and messages on their boards from Boris. It was lovely to see so many smiles and giggles!

.: A Busy Week. One of the teachers has been off ill during the first few days of the week so I've been covering her classes, I'm knackered and really looking forward to finishing at 7 tonight, which is early for me!

.: Cat Love. The cats are even more cuddly than their usual selves, I have had plenty of cat head buts over the past few days.

.: March Plans. As you know in March I am off to Paris for the weekend, it's something I'm really looking forward to. As well as that wonderful trip, my very best friend has booked her flights to come and spend a week with me here in March. She's never been to Barcelona, I feel like I have so much to show her!

.: A Good Reminder. I've started to make a conscious effort to remind myself of why I started this blog in the first place. I started it as a place to keep my memories and healthy recipes I come up with so as not to forget or lose them! It's so easy to get caught up in the numbers game.



.: Friday Night Drinks. I used to go for a drink after work with those gorgeous souls I spend my days with every Friday, however Sensible Peta decided enough was enough as she kept losing her Saturday with visits to Hangover Ville. What a boring person Sensible Peta is! I went out for a nibble or two and a glass of red with the gang on Friday night, and spent the evening laughing until my tummy hurt. One of the best ways to end the working week.

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