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Wonderful Wednesday 5 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 5 of 2019

Hello my loves and happy wonderful Wednesday! I’m very much in need of a little reminder of all things wonderful today after having that horrible flu that seems to be doing the rounds! I’m back at work now and starting to feel much more like myself! Let’s get on with the wonderful, shall we? 


As you can imagine I’ve had quite the netflixathon going on from my sick bed. I watched the latest Orange Is The New Black series, what a series that one was!!! I also watched series 2 of Friends From College which is an easy watch and one I really enjoyed. I do wish there were more than 8 episodes though! 

Heartburn by Nora Ephron

I have wanted to read this book for quite a while and I seem to be racing through it with only a few chapters left! I only started it on Monday! It’s so beautifully written and follows the life of Rachel who finds out her husband is cheating on her when she is 7 months pregnant. I adore the food and recipes which are entwined within the story line and can’t recommend it enough! 

Signs Of Spring


I know that Spring is still quite a long way off but there are little signs in the garden, blossom on the almond tree and even daffodils. I’ve really felt like this January has gone on forever so I’m delighted to think that the next wonderful Wednesday will be written in February, when we’re just a littleness closer to longer days and warmer weather. 

 Miss Congeniality 

“She’s beaaaauty and she’s graaaace, she’s Miss United Staaaaates” WHAT. A. FILM!! Cat Dad had never seen it so we settled down to watch it on Sunday and of course he loved it!! 

Morning Walks  

I leave the house half an hour earlier than I used to in order to drop Cat Dad at the train station so that he can  get the train to work. I was then heading into work half an hour early every day which really isn’t needed. Instead I’ve started driving 2 minutes down the road to the beach and walking for 20 minutes, taking huge gulps of fresh, sea air while watching the sun rise. It’s my idea of the perfect way to start the day and I don’t think i’ll be changing this new habit any time soon! 

 The Museum Of Palaeontology 

Today we went on a school trip to find out more about dinosaurs, learn about how fossils are found and we even got to touch 64 million year old bones! A tibia bone and a femur bone which had just arrived, having been found in the South Pyrenees and were being cleaned and reconstructed. The children absolutely loved it and I have to say I had a lot of fun too! I’m very lucky that I get to go on some incredible trips with my job!


New Jim Jams

Poor Cat Dad caught the flu from me but before he got ill he took really good care of me. Cooking me French onion soup and even bringing home some lovely, very comfy new jim jam bottoms. Perfect for cat cuddles by the fire in.

Thats all my wonderful for today, I hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday. 

Peta x

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