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Wonderful Wednesday Número 6 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 6 of 2018

*Please adopt your very best presenter voice to read the following message* 

"Ladies and Gentleman, your favourite weekday has arrvied, its only bloomin' Wondeeeeerfuuuuul Wednesdaaaaaay!! Here's your host, Peeeeta The Cat Laaaadyyyy"

- Insert fabulous show music here, as I walk in wearing an incredible floor length gown, a brunette version of Holly Willoughby presenting Dancing On Ice. (This dress if possible.) - 


Hello my loves, 

I swear these introductions are getting stranger and stranger. I struggle with just a run of the mill intro. My inner script writer springs out dramatically, waving her hands around excitedly, exclaiming "I know, I know, I know exactly how to write the intro to this one!!" (In my defence part of my (day) job role is script writing.) Let's get on with the wonderful before Pantomime Peta takes over. (My Dad recently suggested ´Pantomime Peta & The Pussies´as my social media name. I politely declined.)


.: The Best Weekend Ever.

At the weekend Fraser and I spent both Saturday and Sunday snuggled under blankets on the sofa with the cats, snoozing on and off whilst watching Netflix, drinking all the hot chocolates and eating all of the popcorn. We were both feeling a little run down and it was exactly what we needed. It was every kind of wonderful and one of my favourite weekends ever ever ever in the history of ever. Here's a little video which sums up our weekend perfectly.

.: Green & Blacks Ginger Chocolate. 
Fraser brought a bar over with him as he knows it's my absolute favourite chocolate in the whole wide world. It's such a treat and I savoured every sweet, gingery mouthful.


.: Hot Chocolate. 
As I mentioned before we drank alllll the hot chocolate and I felt like it needed it's own little point here too. I made the hot chocolate by heating rice milk up until nearly boiling, adding a well heaped spoon of pure cacao powder and a spoon of agave syrup. So deliciously wonderful whilst still being dairy free and refined sugar free. 

.: A wireless Bra. 
I have spent years pouring over delicate, lacy wireless bras in shops. Desperately wishing that such dainty pretty garments were made in my size. It was not to be - sized 30H meant that only parachutes were available for me. I recently lost a little weight, and went down to a 32G (YESSSS!!!) There is a tad more variety once you get into a G cup and below - not quite dainty or delicate but... I'm not exactly dainty or delicate. I do however have my first ever wire-free bra and I can't begin to tell you how comfortable it is. I'm completely in love with it. 


.: Tina Bear. 
Tina is the Queen of Cuddles, and whilst she doesn't look all too amused here in her mini party hat. (Fashioned from the corner of a chocolate bar packet.) She had the best time at the weekend. She's also clocked onto the fact that if she goes out first thing in the morning after breakfast for 10 minutes, I won't put her out for the rest of the day. This makes Tina a very happy cat. 

.: Made Of Honor.
It's on Netflix and if you love chick flicks and haven't seen it, I urge you to watch it right now! We watched it on Sunday and both got very emotionally invested in it. In fact Fraser was urging the main character on rather loudly at one point! 


.: Jacket Potatoes
There is something very special about the humble jacket potato - you can team it with most toppings and it'll find a way to make it work. Slowly baked in the oven, drizzled with a little olive oil and sprinkled with Cornish sea salt crystals. I've been piling my jacket potatoes with roasted kale, broccoli and cherry tomatoes. A generous topping of mixed seeds and the tiniest dressing of agave syrup or honey. There was a time in my life when all I could eat was jacket potatoes, so it's surprising I still enjoy them! 

I'm making the most of the broccoli season, it's ever so cheap here at the moment and I love roasting it - it's the only way I'll eat broccoli. I've popped together a list of fruit and veg which are in season here, if you fancy eating seasonally this month.


.: Chocolate Popcorn. 
Sometimes  (not always, well... nearly always) when I have popcorn, I'll melt some dark chocolate or make a mixture of pure cacao powder and agave syrup or honey up and drizzle it over the top of the salted popcorn. It is HEAVENLY I tell you. The mixture of sweet and salty makes my mouth water. If you haven't tried it before, I can't recommend it enough. My sister and I were very into experimenting with snacks during our teen years and this was one of our favourites. 

.: Vis a Vis or ´Locked Up´
It's on Netflix here in Spain, however Fraser has informed me it hasn't reached UK Netflix yet but is on Amazon I believe. It's like the Spanish version of Orange Is The New Black but oh my goodness so dramatic and very very addictive. Each episode is like a mini film lasting an hour and 20 mins yet I can't help but sit glued to it. A brilliant story line with amazing actors. If you get the chance to watch it, give it a go!

.: New Slippers.
I have needed new slippers for months, since the beginning of winter and yet I couldn't bring myself to spend money on them. My feet have been freezing, which for someone who has serious issues with their joints and the cold means it's a big problem. Yet I couldn't. I couldn't justify it.

I listened to Emma Gannon's latest podcast with Jayne Hardy on self care - the ultimate buzz word at the moment. It opened my eyes up to how self care isn't just about taking a bath and lighting a candle. Jayne mentioned that she realised she had a problem with how she treated herself when she wouldn't buy herself a pair of slippers preferring to make do with slippers that had ripped soles and holes in them. She said she would never let a friend or family member wear slippers like that and go out and buy them a pair instantly, yet she didn't think she deserved any herself. I was driving back from the airport, and this wave of guilt swept over me. Guilt for not treating myself with even an ounce of kindness that I would a friend. If I saw a friend had no slippers I'd buy them a pair that very.day. Of course it's not just the slippers, that's a tiny thing. But it has made me more aware of other things, bigger things, more important things. It's time those things changed. So on Monday, on my way to work, I popped into Oysho - they had a sale on and nabbed the cosiest, softed, comfiest pair of slippers. 

That's all the wonderful I have for you this week. I thought I'd leave you with a quote which inspired my Monday morning newsletter as I loved it so much.

"We won't be distracted by comparison, if we are captivated with purpose." 

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With Love,

Peta x

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