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Wonderful Wednesday # 6 2017

Wonderful Wednesday # 6 2017


Hello and welcome to Wonderful Wednesday numero seis of 2017! HAPPY MARCH! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the green tea is steaming. It's a good day. :) This week has been very low key, I've tried to be as kind as I can to myself following my realisation that I am burnt out and, in all honesty there's nothing but self care that can make this better. I wrote a lil summin summin on this entitled "When Striving For Success Leaves You Burnt Out & Under The Weather". So it's been calm, and full of tea, and my skin is already healing and I'm feeling so much better in myself. Like a huge weight has been lifted. I like this feeling, I like this version of me. I think she's here for a while and I'm okay with that. Shall we get on with the wonderful my loves?

.: Green & Mint Tea.

My nearest supermarket has created a new blend of loose green and mint tea and it's subtle and smooth in flavour, it's soft yet invigorating and an amazing pick me up mid afternoon. I find myself sipping on this just after lunch before I head back to the classroom full of crazy, very loud kids.

.: Beach Retreat.

Not literally a retreat, because there is only 0.43 cents in my bank account...so you know, this chick aint flying off to a retreat any time soon, however I did don my cycling helmet on Sunday and pedalled down to the beach. I walked along the sand and sat for an hour watching the world go by. I tend to retreat to the beach when things get a little upside down in my mind, it always calms me and helps me to organise the thousands of thoughts whizzing around my brain.

.: Yoga With Adriene.

I've been suffering with really intense back, shoulder and neck pain recently. Pain killers have done little to take it away and I know it's stress related. I've done between 30-60 mins of yoga every day during the past week and it's helping so much. I really see it as me time, and use it as a meditational tool too. I try to really concentrate on the moves and my breath and seem to be able to get into that meditative state much easier than when I sit down to meditate. I'm very much a moving around kind of person, so this is probably why it works so well for me.

.: Emma Gannon's podcast interview with Grace Victory.

If you're looking for a really inspirational, kick up the bum kind of podcast that will have you feeling like you can become THE ULTIMATE GIRL BOSS AND TAKE OVER THE INTERNET then this, my friends, is the podcast for you.

.: "Everything is as it should be".

This has become a little mantra for me this week and I love it. It makes me feel calm and at ease with the craziness that is forever going on around us.

.: The Birds and The Bees

The birds are singing their beautiful songs in the mornings, the bees buzz around the garden and butterflies flutter in the warm sunshine. This is why I absolutely adore Spring. It makes me feel all kinds of wonderful.

And on that wonderful note of wonderful feels I shall bid you farewell my wonderful wednesday buddies. If you fancy just a smidge more wonderful in your life, then please do head on over to the other WW-ers and ready their GORGEOUS, warm fuzzy feeling inducing posts here: Sally TangleJo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate,Cat, Sam, El , Kerri’s, Mimmi’s, Martina’s and Isabelle


Until next time, have a bloody awesome rest of the week.

Peta x

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