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Wonderful Wednesday 6 of 2019

Wonderful Wednesday 6 of 2019

Hello my loves, it’s 18:12 on this chilly Wednesday evening and i’ve just finished prepping a Pad Thai for dinner, which I have spent the past 5 days calling a Tad Phai. Let’s get on with the wonderful, shall we? 

New Netflix Love  

Sex Education on Netflix is absolutely bloomin’ brilliant! We only started watching it on Monday evening and I’m hooked. I can totally see how people have watched the whole thing in a day or weekend! We just finished the Spanish Netflix Series Elite which was very very good. 


This morning’s sunrise was absolutely incredible. It was one of the quietest, most gentle sunrises I’ve ever witnessed and I felt so lucky to watch it as I walked along the seafront, taking deep gulps of fresh, salty air. 

Popcorn & Chocolate Sauce 

This winning combo has comforted me quite a few evenings this week. Salty popcorn dipped in a cacao and honey mix - my fingers totally covered in gooey chocolatey sauce. Yum! 

 Happy Not Perfect App

I have a new favourite app, it combines my love of mindfulness, gratitude and meditation all in one little gorgeous package. I’m in love and can’t  get enough of the mindfulness puzzles and breathing exercises.  

 Blossoming Buds 

A handful of trees in the garden have delicate pastel blossom. Th buds bursting open when the need to stay safe and keep warm is drowned out by the necessity to bloom into something more, something bigger, something so incredibly beautiful which will feed the bees and play a tiny, but important part in the environment and world in which we live in . There’s a lesson amongst those words, I’m sure, taught by the one and only Mother Nature. 


 Tea, books and cat cuddles 

I can’t Wonderful Wednesday without mentioning them, it just wouldn’t be right! All three things have brought me so much simple, pure joy. 

That’s my Wonderful for today, I hope you’re having a delightful week. 

Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,  

Peta & The Bears 

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