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Wonderful Wednesday #7 | 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #7 | 2017


Happy Wednesday lovely souls, I must say I'm truly enjoying the Spring sunshine however the wind at the weekend had my washing flying off the line quicker than a cat scooting off to hide on anti-flee treatment day, which also happened at the weekend. Two of my furry friends took it in their stride, there was admitidly a little bit of tussling but afterwards they weren't bothered at all. Tina cat however, knows how to hold a grudge. She has acted as if I hurt her badly and consequently feels the need to hide and sulk. She's coming around little by little and at least she wants cuddles at night now, but my goodness it's been a drama!

Shall we get on with the wonderful then?!

.: First things first in the world of wonderful - The second hand market. Spain is not known for it's love of second hand, the markets are few and far between outside of the big cities with carboot sales and charity shops boggling the mind at best. I am one of those people who adores a bargain just as much as a good rummage, so of course anything like this is right up my street. There was a second hand market on in town this weekend and I managed to snag 5 pairs of trousers, 2 hoodies and 2 jumpers all for €11. I was a very happy bunny indeed! Especially as it meant I could finally throw away my repaired-100-times-and-really-not-fit-for-anything trousers I'd been hanging on to and repairing on a weekly basis up until now!

.: Yoga with the furbaby - she sits and waits until I get my mat out each day and truly loves a good old yoga practice. She's quite apt at moving out of the way as I carefully slide into different yoga poses and very good at climbing up me lightly perching on my arms or shoulders if I'm in a standing pose. Thank god she's very light, I can't imagine I'd be able to hold any pose if it was Arthur cat instead who weighs a good few kilos more!

.: Apple & Tahini Paste - it's one of my absolute favourite snacks. I love the dry bitter contrast of the tahini paste with the sweet taste of a granny smith apple. YUM!

.: A Done List - I read this on Bianca Bass' blog at the weekend, instead of writing a to do list, why not write a done list of everything you've achieved during the day. I gave it a go on Sunday and couldn't believe how much I actually do within a day that I'd usually forget about instantly.

.: Pink Smoothie Bowls - Fruits of the forest, mango, oats and rice milk topped with almonds and walnuts. Need I say more!?

.: Shake It Off - Yesterday I told my class that it's exam week next week, they quickly became anxious and stressed out. I reassured them that all would be well and we'd spend as much time this week revising for the exams as possible. This did little to put their minds at rest so I ended the class four minutes early, popped on Taylor Swift's famous song, turned the lights out and the stage lights on (i'm lucky to teach in the class that is also used as the show room for school plays) and turned the volume up as loud as it could go. We shook the worries and stresses of exam week right off and had a lovely old boogie.

.: On the note of dancing, this morning during my workout I swapped the usual cardio intervals for dancing around my flat instead. I probably looked like a complete lune, the cats could not believe their eyes as they sat up and watched in PURE AWE (it was actually disgust) but it felt so good to dance around at 8am before rushing off to work.

And thay my dear friends rounds up this week's wonderful Wednesday. I hope you're having a truly wonderful day no matter what day it is, and if you fancy a little more wonderful - because you can never get too much wonderful,(have you noticed how I always try to cram in the word wonderful as much as possible in my out-tros?) then hop, skip, shake and dance your way over to the other WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY-ers. Sally TangleJo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate,Cat, Sam, El , Kerri’s, Mimmi’s, Martina’s and Isabelle

Lots of love

Peta x

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