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Wonderful Wednesday Número 7 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 7 of 2018

Hello You,

Happy Valentines day, and more importantly happy Wonderful Wednesday! Today's the day for gratitude writing, to mull over all of the goodness that the week has brought so far, whilst sipping tea of course. I'm actually writing this on Wednesday morning for once, with a cup of orange tea by my side, i've added a tbsp of apple cider vinegar and a good dollop of honey. I feel like it's working it's miracle magic already. 

Goodness me do I need this happy list today, it's been quite the week so far! I was struck down on Friday with an awful stomach bug, it's on it's way out now thank goodness. Albert Cat arrived home on Sunday morning with a broken tail, an emergency trip to the vets resulted in a partial tail amputation. He was seen yesterday again and whilst they checked out his tail, they also castrated him, so the poor little dude really has been in the wars this week. Hopefully this should stop him from wandering off for weeks at a time. We've always nicknamed Albert as the half cat, saying I have three and a half cats, he turned up just under a year ago demanding food and waltzes in every couple of days as if nothing is untoward. Sometimes he'll be gone for weeks at a time, but now he's house bound for the next three weeks. EEP! I got approximately two hours of sleep last night...let's just say he's finding it difficult adapting to staying indoors, knowing his lady friends are out there on the town! It's official, he has been chipped and has a little vet's book with my name nex to his. Welcome to the family Alb, please get used to cuddles by the fire, eating all the yumminess and playing games inside soon... I don't think I can manage too many more sleepless nights! Let's get on with the wonderful shall we? 


.: A Cute Valentines Card. 

I love Valentines Day, not because of the huge commercialisation of the day, the gift giving or big gestures in the name of love, but because I adore any excuse to show those that I care about how much I love them. An envelope has sat by my bed since last Wednesday when Fraser left, with the words "Open on Valentines Day" scrawled across the top. I adore their little avocado faces and the Let's Avocuddle! It's the thoughtfulness of a card, a handwritten note inside, dated at the bottom, to remember in years to come. It's the little things isn't it. 

.: Duvets & Blankets.

Due to Albert's new living status, I've been snoozing on the sofa to keep him company at night. Not much snoozing has been done, however being cuddled up under the duvet on the sofa infront of the fire, in the early ours of the morning is a little bit special. I'm the only person he allows near to him, I don't take his trust for granted as he crawls up close to me, quietly meowing after a rampage through the apartment trying to break out. He sits there, letting me stroke his little face, I whisper to him "it's all okay, you're okay, I'm here" as he nods off for a little while before the cycle starts over again. 


.: Pigeons & Blossom

Yesterday morning as I washed up, I glanced out of the window to see the wood pigeons had gathered in the almond tree. Sights like this, from my kitchen window, really add a sparkle of loveliness to my day. 

.: WHPWithLove

Each Saturday Instagram announces their weekend hashtag project, I usually forget to check what it is, but this week I remembered to have a look. #WHPWithLove was the challenge, it inspired me to create this video. 

.: French Women Don't Get Fat - The Secret To Eating With Pleasure

I've just finished this book and thoroughly enjoyed it! Taking a look into the French diet and how a large number of  French women eat, it's an enjoyable, incredibly interesting read. Here's a link to the book incase you fancy checking it out, this link is an affiliate link. 

That's all the wonderful I have for you today, I hope you have a beautiful day full of love, kindness and lots of steaming hot drinks to keep you warm. I'm off to pop the kettle on and have a read of the other WW ladies, the perfect fuel for a Wednesday. If you'd like to see what they're up to, you can find them here: SallyJoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Laura

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With Love,

Peta & The Four Fur Babies. xx

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