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Wonderful Wednesday | 7th September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday | 7th September 2016


Good morning and hello hello hello! I have decided to join the beautiful Wonderful Wednesday gang and take part in a little lovely, happy sharing. Here are ten things that have popped a little smile on my face so far this week: 1.Tea. I am absolutely obsessed with tea and it has definitely fuelled my first proper week back at the day job. I'm not fussy about the kind of tea, however English breakfast tea (Tetleys) is my favourite followed by any type of loose green tea.


2. Smiley Faces. Once again on the topic of being back at work it's so lovely to see smiley familiar faces and catching up with everyone after eleven weeks off!

3. Cat cuddles. I know I bang on about them far too much but their cuddles have really brightened my days over the past week or so. It's amazing what just taking a few minutes out a day to properly cuddle and stroke a pet can do.

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4. A surprise visit. My boyfriend surprised me yesterday by saying that he'll be flying over to visit me for a few days. He is living in the UK and I'm here in Spain so we don't get to spend as much tim as we'd like together. It's crazy but I can't wait to just cuddle up on the sofa with tea and a film. It's the little things itsn't it...

5. Facetime. With the family all in different places and really struggling at the moment, video calls have really kept us together and helped build a much needed support network. Technology really is an amazing thing.

6. The bat that flew into the dining room. I WISH I had a photo of this, but alas it was too dark, however I did capture him on video for the vlog! On Sunday night as I sat watching TV at my parent's a huge, and I mean really big, like as big as my forarm bat, flew into the dining room through the balcony windows. He flew around for about five minutes, we panicked and worried about how on earth we were to get him back out and then he left all on his little lonesome. Bye bye Barry Bat, may you live a wonderful batty life!

7. The piano. I used to play the piano as a child but like so many things the skill was lost through lack of practice and time. I've recently started playing around again on the piano and I've found it really calming and, for lack of a better word, nice.


8. The Michalaks. Their videos just instantly make me feel all happy and warm inside, their videography is out of this world.

9. Training. Although I'm back at work now the kids won't start classes until this afternoon, so the teachers have been attending training workshops. We had a life coach come to the school and run a few workshops and it has been such an eye opening experience. I popped a post up about her Active Listening workshop, as well as a few thoughts and questions I had regarding judging others and people pleasing, which came up in another of her workshops. It's so easy to think that you can't be bothered to attend training sessions but actually they were so useful, I'm really pleased I went along now!


10. Autumn. Autumn has no where near hit us here yet, a few leaves are falling but we're still enduring Summer temperatures, however I've seen so many gorgeous Autumnal pics on instagram lately that it's gotten me all excited about the upcoming season. I don't actually have a favourite season if I'm honest, I get really excited about all of them as they're approaching. What can I say? I'm rather the excitable individual!

Putting together this list has really popped a smile on my face, I hope you're having a lovely week. Please do head over and have a read of the amazing bloggers who do Wonderful Wednesday on a regular basis. Helen, SallyKate, Michelle, Cat, Jo, Kerri and Samantha.


Me x

Positive Friday | 9th September 2016

Not everyone likes peaches

Not everyone likes peaches