Wonderful Wednesday #9 | 2017

Happy Wonderful Wednesday you lovely lot, I really need today's ray of sunshine to brighten this week with positivity. This list makes all the difference as does reading the other WW-er's posts! Being mindful and remembering the good parts of the week is THE best way to pick yourself up, for me it's like soul food. Let's get on with the wonderful.

.: Sunday Morning Pancakes. I laid out a yummy variety of nuts, fruit and honey and oh my goodness were they every kind of wonderful. There's nothing like a slow breakfast on a Sunday morning.
.: Stocking up on tea. There is online one reason I've stocked up on tea as much as I have, and that is because my best friend Laura has come to visit for a whole week. She arrived last night and it's just what I needed -- a week of girly catch ups, tea and cat cuddles.
.: A boat trip around Barcelona. I gave Fraser a voucher for a boat trip around Barcelona in his Christmas advent calendar and we finally got around to using it this weekend. It was so much fun, we blew away the cobwebs with the sea air and saw the city I call home from a different perspective.
.: Spinach Pasta. They have spinach tagliatelle in my local supermarket and it's so yummy, I top it with seeds, nuts and a drizzle of honey. I'm not sure why but I'm slightly addicted to this combo.
.: Bed buddies. At the weekend we let the cats come into the bedroom for morning cuddles, I just love snuggling up to these balls of fluff!
.: Pretty Spring Days. Spring is my favourite season in Spain, I find it to be just the right temperature, I love seeing the blossom on trees and the birds sing all day long.
I hope this list has popped a little smile on your face. If you fancy a spot more of wonderful-ness head on over to these lovely gals for their lists of happy: Sally TangleJo, Helen, Michelle, Sarah, Kate,Cat, Sam, El , Kerri’s, Mimmi’s, Martina’s and Isabelle
Peta x