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Wonderful Wednesday - Número 2 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday - Número 2 of 2018

Oh my goodness gracious me it's Wednesday, I'm here...just about! I feel like this week has been going on for an eternity, juggling going back to my day job alongside the blog and all of the plans I have for it over the next few months has been...interesting. It's also tough waking up before the break of dawn again isn't it? Can't we just go back to slowly waking up when we please? Pottering, faffing, with a fountain of tea on hand at all times and cat cuddles in abundance?! Wouldn't that be nice?

Let's take a look at the mid-week wonderful before I get lost in a world where my main priority is tea drinking. 

.: Early Mornings. 

Whilst waking up to an alarm clock blaring that awful sound - I really need to do something about my wake up tune. I will change that right now. I really enjoy early mornings, it gives me time to make a cup of tea, meditate, cuddle the little fur balls and spend time on Instagram. I don't often get very much time during the day - mainly because I tend to get caught up with blog bits and bobs until lunchtime and then work in the afternoon and evening. Having that super early slot of time in the morning, just for me is bliss. I'm dedicating more time to instagram now, or should I say more time to catching up with the lovely people I follow, albeit only in the mornings. I like seeing what everyone has been up to and the pretty photos which tell just a small nugget of a person's story in my feed.

.: The Shiny New Website.

As you may have noticed, we're in a brand spanking new space. I took the leap over to Squarespace, having blogged on a self-hosted Wordpress site for seven years! (Not all on this blog, I had a different blog before this one came about.) I adore the layout, I like being able to showcase my photos on a full screen and I love how the recipes look. It still needs tweaks here and there, I'm slowly but surely re-doing the recipes with new photographs. We'll get there, we will, we will, we will! 

(Also, it worked out to be the same price as my self hosted site, but offers much more so I'm rather chuffed with it!) 

.: Freezer Finds.

I set myself a challenge of making up meals from the random bags of leftovers in my freezer - pasta sauces, soups, vegetables etc. It's been really interesting, and I've cooked up some absolute corkers! Not only has it saved me a few pennies, it's also pushed me to be rather creative with my dishes. There is still plenty to go through, so stay tuned to my Instagram Stories for allllll the freezer concoctions. 


.: Swimming. 

On Monday morning I braved the local swimming pool after a few weeks off and it was so lovely. I really enjoy swimming, it's by far one of my favourite exercises, stretching out, gliding (probably splashing) through the warm water with not a care in the world.

.: Brownies.

This week I made up another batch of these microwave brownies, they're Peta friendly - meaning they're free from dairy and refined sugar and they taste amazing. They have definitely been helping me through the week! 


.: Looking back on 2017. 

This week I set myself the task of writing up a round up of the year gone by. I sat down in a terrible mood, not particularly wanting to 

.: Catfulness.

I got a brilliant book for Christmas called Catfulness, each day for seven weeks it gives you a prompt for the day to add a spot of mindfulness mixed with a pinch of catitude. It's such a lovely little book, and if you're looking for a gift for a cat loving friend who's into mindfulness - this is the book for you! (Catfulness on Amazon here <----- this is an affiliate link.)


Lunch Time Walk.

On Tuesdays I have a loooong day, yesterday I worked for five hours straight creating background videos and images for theatre productions as well as planning the theatre show timetable for this term with my friend K. At lunch time I was itching to get some fresh air, knowing I'd be in a classroom teaching back to back for the following five hours. It was so lovely to go for a little amble around town. There's nothing like a spot of fresh air for the soul...and mind for that matter! 


As quick as I started typing it's over, and the warmth of remembering this week's lovely bits fills me right up to the brim. I hope you have the lovliest of days today, there are some wonderful ladies who partake in this weekly happy list making. I'd love for you to check them out, as they are all such beautiful souls;
 SallyJoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl ,

With love,

Peta x



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