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Wonderful Wednesday Número 24 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 24 of 2018

Yay! It's Wednesday. Goodness me I am bloomin' glad we're mid way through this week. I absolutely detest wishing time away, but on Friday I finish work for the Summer, and that much needed rest is so very very very much needed!! I'm always partly ecstatic about having the Summer off to concentrate on my blog and other projects whilst trembling inside at the prospect of a Summer without a stable income, however life and the universe always has a way of making it work. Have faith Peta, you gotta have faiiiiiiiiith. Queue George Michael and all of his fabulousness. Speaking of fabulousness, shall we get on with the wonderfulness? 

Cherry Tomatoes and Salted Almonds.
I've got a realllllly big craving going on for cherry toms at the moment, I think it's mainly down to being slightly anaemic again and the huge change in weather. I've been snacking on those yummy little balls of goodness along with salted almonds and oh my days, I am one happy cat mum! 

Arthur Bear's Feeling MUCH Better!
Yesterday Arthur and I headed to the vets for his one week check up after being poorly. I raced home, against the clock on my lunch break to take him to see his least favourite person in the world and he totally knew what was going on. He hid under the sofa - I had to coax him out with food. He then proceeded to escape three times from the carry box whilst I was trying to close it. Luckily, the vet was very happy with Arth's recovery. YAY!


Fraser and I often have Netflix dates, whilst we currently live in different countries, it doesn't stop us from watching a TV show or film together. We watched Nerve this week and oh my goodness was it every kind of amazing!! I really really loved it! 

Things that help us to relax.
On Monday evening my adult students were chatting about the Summer and how difficult they often find it to relax, so I took the class down an unplanned route of chatting about ways to relax. We created a spider diagram on the board and they all took photos at the end as reminders of what helps them to relax! 

Summer Breeze.
Oh my, is there anything quite as lovely as the flutter of a summer breeze when it's really really hot? 

Cool Tiles.
One thing I miss ever so much in Winter is carpet under my feet but oh my goodness gracious me am I oh so very grateful for the cool tiles under my bare feet this time of year. It has to be said, my feet aren't quite as clean as they are in the Winter months but it's sooooo worth it! 

Summer Sunsets.
Now that the warm weather has arrived, we've had some gorgeous skies as the sun goes down. I snapped this photo on Sunday night, the clouds are just so pretty and I love the colour. 


Lemon & Ginger Tea
I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, a while back I popped into Lidl and picked up their herbal tea range to try - it was on offer for two boxes for a euro, how could I resist?! I'm still very much in love with the lemon and ginger tea, it just makes everything a little more wonderful with every sip. 

The prospect of allllll the sleep.
Next week I am planning on spending the week resting, sleeping, drinking tea and doing allll of the stretches on my yoga mat. That thought alone is what has gotten me through the past few weeks... That and the fact that Fraser will be visiting in July for two whole weeks, yay!

Happy Boards.
At the weekend I had a huge clear out of my office, all of the vintage clothes I have were photographed and ready to be popped on ebay. I cleared out any rubbish - I'm a hoarder so there's plenty of that. Then I set to work on creating happiness boards full of keepsakes, photographs and greeting cards from those I love. 


Best Friend Catch Ups.
Last night I had a loooong catch up on the phone with my best friend who lives in Cornwall. It felt so good to spend over an hour chitchatting about life. 

Terrace Top Classes.
Yesterday my 16/17 year olds arrived for class. Only three of them showed up and quite frankly prying them away from their phones was a challenge in itself. They're absolutely exhausted from te end of year exams and projects, something which is taken very seriously here in Spain. So, I told them to leave all of their things in the classroom and come with me. We climbed five flights of stairs to the terrace and sat around the table usually used by teachers on breaks. I managed to revise all of the vocabulary they've studied this year with them in the space of an hour. Sometimes some fresh air and a change of location really can work miracles.

That's all the wonderful I have for you so far this week my loves. Please do hop on over to the other lovely Wonderful Wednesday-ers for more happy notes of the week so far! Check out the other bloggers here:  SallyJoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Kerri's, and Ellie's blogs

Sending lots of love and cat cuddles your way,

Peta & The Bears x




Homemade Crisp Salad

Homemade Crisp Salad

Wonderful Wednesday Número 23 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 23 of 2018