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Wonderful Wednesday Número 9 of 2018

Wonderful Wednesday Número 9 of 2018

Good Morning and happy Wonderful Wednesday. I'm tip tapping away on Wenesday morning instead of Tuesday night this week. It's a nice feeling having it all ready to hit publish on a Wednesday morning, but sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day! I've got Katie cat sat on my knee, quite literally watching what I type and a big mug of matcha green tea next to me, I'm hoping it will fuel my Wonderful Wednesday writing and reading! Let's get on with the WONDERFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL. 

Albert Cat Update

Albert had 3 more vertebrae removed on Friday, with a few complications during surgery which meant the poor little munchkin was in for 5 hours being poked and prodded. Albert doesn't like to run, he likes to hide at the vets, he burried his little face into blankets or into my hands and arms so that he couldn't see. It honestly broke my heart!! 

We were given injections and tablets AND medicine for home as well as a cream for his little tail to use over the weekend. Luckily Fraser was here to help.  Yesterday Albert and I went back to the vets and they were much happier, his tail is healing well and he's brighter and perkier. So bright and perky in fact it took a frustrating amount of attempts to get him into the cat carry box! We have a few more check ups this week, and if all goes well the stitches should be out next Monday and the cone of shame will be removed after four whole weeks! Fingers crossed for Albert Cat!


Lavander Cat Nip.

Albert discovered a carrot cat toy in one of the cat's beds which is refillable and has lavendar cat nip in it, he pops it into his cone and goes to sleep. We've realised it really calms him down. So when he goes on an escape rampage, which is getting less and less, you just have to show him his carrot and he'll come and lie down with it. I can't get over how he self soothes, I really can't.

Luckily we bought an extra refillable carrot and hedgehog on Sunday as Tina decided the carrot was hers yesterday. When Tina decides she likes something, she licks it all over and then it is hers. I think we all need to be more like Tina. Tina is a go getter. She knows what she wants, and she goes and gets it. Channel your inner Tina today my loves. 



The Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project was #WHPTwinning. I find these projects really interesting and love getting creative with a word. Together Fray and I came up with the idea for this photo, we had so much fun creating it. Running as fast as we could around the pool and getting into position before the 10 second timer was up. "Do you reckon it's done?" "I'm not sure...let's wait a little longer..." "I don't think my book is at the same height as yours..." It made me aware of how little joy I've found in social media lately, I'm challenging myself to only have fun on the platforms and see where that takes me. 


Does It Bring Me JOY?

Inspired by the previous point, I've found I'm asking myself if particular things I "Have to do" or "Should Do" bring me joy. If I can't find the joy in them, I haven't done them. Revolutionary I know, but something I'm finding rather tricky to navigate - she says two days in. I don't know how long this will go on for, but right now I'm revelling in only doing things that bring me joy. Even if I have to take a moment to consider why it would bring me joy. For example, last night when I got home, I knew the litter trays needed cleaning along with the flat. Everything has to be swept, bleached and mopped every day whilst Albert is recovering. Would cleaning at 11pm bring me joy? No, however having a clean and tidy flat, with a happy little ginger fluff ball all safe and looked after brings me ever so much joy.

As I left work last night I had a pile of exams that needed marking, I felt run down and ill. Would marking them bring me joy? No, not in that moment. They can wait. Which is something I have never done in my teaching career before. I'm very 'on it' when it comes to marking but that also means I'm often exhausted and overwhelmed my the sheer amount of work. Will marking ever bring me joy? Probably not so much, but this weekend when I sit down calmly with cups of steaming tea to mark and analyse where my students need help, getting the job done well will bring me joy. As will the satisfaction of finishing the marking. 

Hot Chocolate Matcha Latte

I've been treating myself to a big mug of hot rice milk mixed with a spoon of pure cacao powder, matcha green powder, a melted square or two of dark chocolate and a spoonfull of honey. There is nothing more wonderful and delicious in the whole wide world that picks me up, helping me to focus and concentrate. 


Can you believe it snowed here in Barcelona yesterday? It didn't stick but light flurries of snowflakes fell on and off all day long. It was ever so beautiful to watch and my students were SO excited. We are forecast more snow today, so fingers crossed! 



It's the new social media platform everyone is talking about, I signed up on Sunday. Whilst it is glitchy because of the amount of users constantly signing up, I really like the ideas and ethos behind it. A true social media platform with no algorithm or data collection. Seeing photos of other's people's breakfasts at breakfast time and cosy shots in the evening when it's actually evening for me too, has brought me far more joy than I ever expected it too! There's that word Joy again ;). You can find me on VERO by searching for Peta Coote . If you'd like to know more about the platform, Sara Tasker has written a very useful post entitled "What's the deal with VERO - and is it worth the hype?" 

That's all the wonderful from me this week, I hope you're having a lovely week so far. Stay warm, snuggle up whenever you can and treat yourself to your favourite hot drink. To read more wonderfulness you can check out the other bloggers who list their happy moments of the week so far here: SallyJoHelenMichelleSarahKateCatSamEl Laura

Sending lots of love your way from me and the four fur babies (one of whom only has half a tail now") 


Peta x

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