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How the word YET can change your life

How the word YET can change your life


Pressure. There's a lot of it out there isn't there? I was going to write about the pressures a twenty something faces, especially the millenial generation, but you know what? Everyone faces pressure all the bloody time. I look at my youngest studets, they're three years old and I actually have parents asking me why they can't speak English properly? Why don't they understand their dad, when in his broken English he asks them how their day has been? The older students, around the age of 6 or 7 are already facing the huge pressures of exams and homework, with after school activities planned every single day, full agendas for the weekend and no time to play.

The teens face 5 or 6 exams a week that they spend hours studying and preparing for, they have peer pressure to look good, to listen to the right music, to watch the right films, to say the right things.

Their parents face the pressure to earn enough money whilst being there for their children. Having some kind of social life, eating healthily, staying fit, excelling in their career.

The twenty somethings? I can't speak on behalf of all twenty somethings, but I can speak on behalf of myself and my friends. The pressure we have on our shoulders to earn more money, study, be on top of our jobs, have a career whilst also creating our own "thing" on the side. To be fit and healthy, workout five times a week and look a certain way. To have a better car than the 23 year old clapped out banger parked outside, ahem... To afford proper food, and drinks after work. To buy new clothes when we need them, to pay for adult stuff like health and travel insurance. To find someone to settle down with, move in with, get married to and start a family with, all by the age of *insert desired age here.

How often do you hear yourself or those around you say the following things:

I don't have a partner.

I don't own my own house.

I can't afford to actually BUY a house.

I don't have a car.

I'm not in a serious relationship.

I'm not married.

I don't have children.

I haven't travelled to New York, Sydney or Hawaii.

I haven't got the money to pay for my dream *********

My business, blog, youtube channel, music, isn't successful.

I am not where I want to be in my career.


So much pressure. So many things we haven't achieved. It gets you down doesn't it? Sometimes it becomes too much. How can we stop this negative circle of life which inevitably effects our mental health in a bad way.

Just add the word YET.

Suddenly, everything changes. There's hope, empowerment, control, optimism. 

I don't own my own home, YET.

I'm not where I want to be in my career, YET.

Next time you're feeling like everything's just getting a little too much. Take a deep breath and think I'm not there YET, but soon I will be.

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