Your Way

Today, Tuesday 13th September 2016 we said goodbye and celebrated the life of my grandmother. Although there was barely a dry eye in the church, at the wake stories were told that caused those listening to cry with laughter rather than sadness. Each and every person had a special memory to share, after all she was always the life and soul of every party, this time more so than ever. She was an absolute legend in her own right, as if discovering she had fibbed not once but twice about her age, hidden bottles of alcohol throughout the house and took many secrets to her grave wasn't enough, we also found out that she had in fact made up her middle name. Something my grandfather was rather shocked by when my Great Aunt asked him where he got the "Marie" part of her name from.

I cannot put into words how proud I was to be one of your Granddaughters today. Sadness has threatened to take over completely on many occasions over the past few weeks and I am sure it will continue to hit us at the most unexpected of times. In these cases I will try to remember you as you would want to be remembered; a stubborn, energetic, lively soul who was one of a kind.

Here's to living life to the full, not caring what others think and just being ourselves. Here's to living your way.

Love, Peta x