Privacy & Copyright

All websites track basic information abour their visitors. Here on Nourishing Soulfully we track information such as, but not limited to,  IP addresses, browser details, timestamps and referring pages. None of the tracked data can personally identify a visitor to the website, and is tracked for routine checks and maintenance purposes. On Nourishing Soulfully we use cookies to store information about a person's routines and habits. Please note that you have the power to turn off cookies.

All of the content and recipes featured on Nourishing Soulfully are my own - they are copyrighted. Please do not publish the content including recipes and the images on this site without prior consent. For more information and consent please email peta[at]

Affiliate Links

All affiliate links used on the site are products I whole heartedly would recommend to friends and family. An affiliate link is a tracked link which generates a commision or compensation for the publisher of the link if pressed, and/or a sale is created from following the link published on Nourishing Soulfully to the product. 

Nourishing Soulfully is a participant of Amazon Affiliate's Program - this allows us to share links, which if pressed and a purchase is made on Amazon within 30 days of the cookies not being cleaned, we would earn a small commission on the sale. 

Outbound Links

On Nourishing Soulfully we post links (by we, I generally mean me - Peta, the cats don't have an awful lot to do with posting links, however Fraser does double check everything before it goes live.) The links which are posted are for websites, shops, blogs and social media profiles I truly love. Whilst we recommend these websites, we do not accept responability for any of their privacy practices, cookie polices or general practices. Please do check out their T&C's if you would like to know more. 

Sometimes we are lucky enough to work with brands which we feel are a great fit with our ethos of living a slow, healthy, happy life. In these cases we may be paid to create content about the brand or given products in return for content - be it a blog post or a photo on instagram.