Nourishing Soulfully
Nourishing Soulfully
Create a neutral relationship with food and an unconditionally loving relationship with yourself.

Nourishing Soulfully Letter

Each week I send out an e-mail on a Thursday evening to those who wish to receive it. In this e-mail I aim to pop a smile on your face and inspire you to nourish soulfully with a recipe, something to listen to, something to read and something to do.

The e-mail may include self promotion in the form of sharing my latest blog post or a project I'm working on. It may also include affiliate links which is always declared with a "this is an affiliate link" message right next to it. For more information on the affiliate links I use please read my disclosure.

I will never share your information with anyone else, your privacy is paramount to me. Your details, in the form of your name and e-mail address, will be kept in a secure, password protected data storage place. I currently use MailChimp which is one of the very best organisations for caring for and protecting data. 

I truly appreciate those who wish to receive an e-mail from me each week and promise to never abuse this priviledge.

If you ever wish to opt-out, unsubscribe or be forgotten from my mailing list you can find the option at the footer of the e-mail you have been sent or you can contact me directly and I will manually remove you from the list. 

On a lighter note, the e-mails may possibly, quite probably, include pictures of the cats...because they always make everything better. 

If you'd like to sign up, please fill in the form below :) You will receive an e-mail whereby you must confirm that you would like to sign up. This is to make sure it's actually you who is signing up and not some kind of robot! I look forward to popping into your inbox on Thursday.